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Application Modernization on AWS Cloud – a Comprehensive Guide

Application Modernizagtion on AWS Cloud

Free up your time and focus by getting the most essential information on software modernization in a detailed but concise guide to Application Modernization on AWS Cloud. We’ve put together an article which will leave you doubtless on a perplexing and complicated topic of app modernization.

What you’re about to figure out is:

  • reasons for app modernizing;
  • why modernize app with AWS;
  • modernization in its stages and phases;
  • approaches and strategies of modernizing;
  • useful services to speed up the process.

SaaS PoC: Why to Use it and How to Prevent its Collapse From Suddenly Growing Demand

PoC for SaaS

As a piece of disposable code which nonetheless speaks volumes of the solution’s future, a proof-of-concept seems to be a simple and effective way to predict a software product’s further trajectory. Meanwhile, there are numerous gray spots in using PoC. Armed with this article, you will get into the swing of…

  • What proof-of-concept (PoC) is
  • What PoC business benefits and implications are
  • What PoC-associated challenges SaaS faces
  • How to successfully switch from PoC to production
  • How Romexsoft helps in PoC-production transition

ISO 27001 Compliance: How to Prepare Your SaaS

How prepare SaaS for ISO 27001 compliance

In an attempt to bypass all new emerging threats, numerous SaaS owners have gone for the leading security standard – ISO 27001. Many companies, though, are still contemplating ISO certification so we have created this article to clarify:

  • Why comply with the ISO 27001 standard
  • What ISO 27001 is and what it covers
  • What benefits of ISO 27001-compliance SaaS gets
  • How to prepare for ISO 27001 audits and certification
  • How Romexsoft can help SaaS become ISO compliant.

29 min read

Application Migration to AWS Cloud: All You Need to Know Initially

Application migration to AWS cloud

As your business develops and acquires new capabilities, you are likely to face migration to AWS as an iterative development process. What you can do to ensure successful app migration to AWS is lay a proper foundation in your wisely carried out initial steps of migrating that provide experience and spur the later completion of AWS cloud migration within optimal business resources.

This article covers the most frequent customer pain points and bridges common knowledge gaps to catch you up on the ABCs of cloud migration.

Six Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: The Impact of its Usage When Building SaaS Application

Laptop with the code on the screen

If you have a very vague idea of what the mere concept of the AWS Well-Architected Framework represents, perusing this article will provide you with the central and most significant points of the topic.

If you consider the possible improvements that mechanisms like the Framework could bring to the solution impracticable and incompatible with the factual everyday issues, you will be able to fully appreciate the benefits the Framework could potentially introduce to your existing software product, or the software-to-be.

How to Build a Modern SaaS Application Based on AWS: A Definitive Guide for Startup Founders

How to Build a Modern SaaS Application on AWS

While most startup founders know the basics of cloud computing, we assume that many of them lack experience in creating modern SaaS solutions. We created this guide to building a web app hosted on AWS to explain:

  • What “a modern SaaS app” means
  • How a SaaS development process looks like
  • What challenges can you face when developing a SaaS product
  • How building a web app on AWS can help you deal with these challenges

6 min read

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery: The Beginners Guide

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Within this Article you will learn why do you need a Disaster Recovery Plan.

6 min read

The Best 11 Tools For AWS Monitoring And Optimization

The Best 10 Tools For AWS Monitoring And Optimization

    In this article we outlined top 10 monitoring and optimization tools for applications hosted on AWS.
    Depending on your business needs there are tools that:
    • monitor apps, hardware and databases and send alerts in case of issues
    • analyze app’s performance on code- and service-levels in real time
    • control latency, storage space, network traffic, CPU usage and memory usage
    • detect fraud and increase the level of application’s protection
    These tools will help you have the full visibility of your app’s performance as well as help you make sure your app is up and running 24/7.

7 min read

What is Serverless?

What is Serverless?

Garden owners’ biggest delight is to enjoy the beauty of nature. Most likely, they don’t want to worry about endless manual work, buying more and…

DevOps Testing – Approaches and Tools

DevOps testing AWS

Application and software market is continuously growing and changing. Organizations compete to achieve higher velocity at delivering software to their customers. However, it’s not only…