Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services 

    Do you want to migrate to AWS but don’t know which tools to use to do this?
    This blog will help you learn:
  • Benefits of cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud migration steps
  • Pros of AWS cloud
  • AWS migration tools and services that ensure a successful migration
    AWS is the leader among cloud service providers, offering 200+ services that guarantee automatic scaling, improved business continuity, decreased TCO, and high security.

    Cloud migration is already past the cautious exploratory phase. We bring to your attention: List of Top 10 AWS cloud migration tools. In 5 years, as much as 98% of businesses will be relying on some cloud software and technologies. That makes perfect sense when you consider the benefits of infrastructure, data and cloud application migration:

    • Reduced total cost of ownership
    • Instant, on-demand resources scaling
    • Automated disaster recovery and improved business continuity
    • A solid competitive edge.

    The question that remains, however, is how do you get to the cloud and what type of migration software to use to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

    AWS cloud migration process

    Small and mid-sized companies are looking for ease, for the ability to migrate with as little hassle as possible, along with the power to scale, to integrate the services it has selected, and to pay a competitive rate. Among the premier cloud platforms meeting all of these criteria is AWS.

    Why Migrate to AWS?

    Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006. While cloud computing was not a brand new concept at that time, Amazon’s entry into this sector commoditized this technology and made it more accessible to businesses of all sizes. By 2018, AWS had captured 40% of this market share, although Microsoft Azure and Google have moved into this market as well, claiming 17% and 8% respectively.

    So, why has AWS kept its leadership role in cloud migration and cloud migration services? The short answer is that it has stayed “on top” of the industry, continually evolving, adding new tools, making migration easy and seamless, and partnering with other SaaS cloud migration tools and services to enhance the user experience.
    While there certainly are large enterprises using AWS, the interesting fact is that small and mid-sized companies actually make up the majority of users – about 90%, in fact. Knowing this, AWS has done many things to take care of the bulk of its users. In particular, they created a lot of helpful tools and resources for creating and executing an AWS migration strategy with ease.
    But, before we dive in, let’s first settle on the terms.

    What is Migration Software?

    In IT, migration is the process of transitioning from one operating environment to another one.  In the case with the cloud, this process involved upgrading to new software and executing cloud data migration, moving applications to new environments and setting up new supporting infrastructure.

    Clearly, that’s a complex process and oftentimes it requires a middleware solution – software tools that can assist with transferring data, configuring applications and bringing any infrastructure gaps between your technology and the cloud vendor’s. In short, that’s what migration software is for.
    Granted, most cloud platforms provide you with all the tools and software you need to bring your cloud strategy to life. We bring to your attention: List of Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools to choose for business in 2019.

    List of the top 10 must-have AWS cloud migration tools and services:

    1. AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)
    2. TSO Logic
    3. Cloud Endure
    4. BMC Discovery
    5. Turbonomic
    6. New Relic Software Analytics
    7. Dynatrace
    8. Attunity CloudBeam
    9. AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)
    10. AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

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    Here are 10 of the most important AWS cloud migration tools and services that you can begin to use right now.

    1. AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)

    This tool is your first step in consideration of cloud migration. Is your entire organization ready? Your people, your operations, your business itself, the necessary processes, your platform, your security? Through a series of questions, this assessment will be made and a report generated for each critical area of your organization, along with recommendations for readiness. No business should begin a migration plan without first using this cloud assessment tool, and Romexsoft concurs.


    TSO Logic logo

    2. TSO Logic

    A former standalone tool, recently acquired by Amazon and made part of their Marketplace. It can help you collect huge reams of data from cloud platforms, analyze it with respect to your organization and come up with the best recommendations for:

    • Identifying current resources usage
    • Predicting future usage patterns and costs
    • Placing cloud workloads
    • Right-sizing
    • Maximizing cost/benefits

    The decisions for what, where, how much, etc. will all be automatically computed and presented to you.

    CloudEndure logo AWS cloud migration tools

    3. Cloud Endure

    Cloud Endure helps you automate the lift and shift cloud migrations. If your applications and databases run on supported versions of Windows and Linux OS, then you can simply migrate them to the AWS cloud, in total, just as they are.

    This tool will replicate your source machines into a staging area (without any downtime). Once you are ready to launch, Cloud Endure will adapt your machines to the AWS infrastructure so that they can run natively. Any further re-configuring can be done once they are migrated and running on AWS cloud. This is probably the easiest and least time-consuming AWS migration process.

    BMC Discovery logo

    4. BMC Discovery

    Here’s an all-in-one tool for building, running and managing all of your AWS cloud services and tools. Some of the key features include:

    • pre-migration planning and roadmap creation
    • cost analysis
    • automated security testing and configuration
    • AWS DevOps
    • Automated workflows and provisioning functionality

    turbonomic tools


    Turbonomics is an excellent analytics tool that will help you maintain the right resources allocation, scale your resources, and yet avoid steep bills. The platform offers excellent tools for analyzing and optimizing your resource consumption, staying in compliance with regulations (if necessary), and automating alignment and integration of all of your AWS services. While there are certainly some Turbonomic alternatives out there, ease of use and features do not compare.

    New Relis tools logo

    6. New Relic Software Analytics

    You have successfully migrated several applications to the cloud. But you still need critical questions answered. How many people are live on your app in real-time? What is the trend toward interest in your new product? Who might be at risk for churn? New Relic allows you to run all of the analytics you need to make good business decisions.
    dynatrace tools

    7. Dynatrace

    Another AWS partner, Dynatrace is an AI-powered analytics solution for:

    • monitoring your cloud infrastructure
    • analyzing application performance
    • identifying and providing solutions for issues with user experiences across devices.

    It’s a robust tool that allows introducing a greater level of automation to AWS infrastructure management.

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    Attunity CloudBeam logo

    8. Attunity CloudBeam

    A robust AWS database migration tool that enables automated real-time data integration across cloud and hybrid environments. Attunity CloudBeam can help you automate and accelerate loading and replication to any number of AWS platforms – Redshift, RDS, EC2, S3, and Glacier. This is a “click-to-load” design for all of your data – structured or unstructured. With it, you avoid countless hours of developing and can speed up transfer by 10X or more.

    9. AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

    AWS MAP is a training program that helps you prepare your staff for the cloud journey, as well as receive proactive guidance on your strategy. With help from AWS itself, as well as many of its partners, you will have all of the assistance you need with readiness assessment, development of an AWS migration plan, the migration itself, training, and continued support.

    10. AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

    An intuitive, robust and unified Application Performance Management (APM) platform, with additional business performance monitoring functionality. Essential option for designing and orchestrating distributed architectures. Some of the key features include:

    • AWS application monitoring (including microservices and Docker). The tool offers end-to-end support for all native AWS technologies – EC2, S3, RDS, SQS, DynamoDB and Lambda.
    • Automatic topology maps generation for application migrations so that you can identify the main user journeys and interactions with ease, plus gain better insights into resource utilization.
    • Instant scale up for AWS instances. Automate resources scaling to ensure that all apps receive sufficient resources (without over-provisioning) and maintain top performance during peak loads.

    You can find more useful information via a link: Top 10 AWS services in 2020

    Why the Right Migration Tools Matter

    AWS is the frontrunner among cloud service providers. It has no intention of remaining stagnant and continues to enhance its services while making it easier for businesses to conduct their assessment, develop their own migration plans, implement those plans through available tools, and then manage their use in the most cost-effective way.

    However, even with the right tools in your kit, cloud migration can end up being a complex and costly process if you lack the proper in-house IT expertise.  At Romexsoft, we are long sold on AWS, its commitment to businesses of all sizes, and its continual development and new and better tools to support its users. And our team of AWS-certified engineers is ready to step in and assist you with cloud migration!

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