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In-House vs. Managed IT Support: How to Capture The Most Benefits

Managed IT Support

Learn how to reduce the pressure on your in-house IT teams and capture more business benefits through strategic partnerships with managed services providers.

4 min read

Amazon Polly – Text-to-Speech

Amazon Polly - Romexsoft

Thanks to Amazon Polly the conversion of written texts into audio is now fast and effortless. In this article we will dwell upon:

  • Benefits of Amazon Polly
  • Remarkable Features Amazon Polly Offers
  • Niche Use Cases
  • Amazon Polly allows content creators to convert written content into high-quality, natural-sounding human voices in dozens of languages.

Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services 

AWS Cloud Migration Tools

    Do you want to migrate to AWS but don’t know which tools to use to do this?
    This blog will help you learn:
  • Benefits of cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud migration steps
  • Pros of AWS cloud
  • AWS migration tools and services that ensure a successful migration
    AWS is the leader among cloud service providers, offering 200+ services that guarantee automatic scaling, improved business continuity, decreased TCO, and high security.

The SaaS Application Development Lifecycle

saas software development

    SaaS applications are hosted in the cloud, that is why they can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.
    Key stages of the SaaS Application Development Lifecycle:
    1. Outlined Vision
      2. Planning
        3. Subscription
          4. Development
            5. SaaS Implementation & Deployment
            Learn the key timelines and essential considerations for your SaaS application development project in this blog.

7 min read

We are Romexsoft – Java Development Company from Ukraine

Java Development Company from Ukraine

Learn what we stand for as a Java development company from Ukraine. Our vision, mission, and key values our development team shares being summarized.

The Top 5 Cloud Application Migration Best Practices

Top 5 Application Migration Best Practices

Migration to AWS will allow your business to become more agile, secure, cost-effective and scalable. Here are outlined the top 5 Cloud Application Migration Best Practices:

  • Define your end goals
  • Choose a suitable application migration approach
  • Elaborate a preliminary migration plan
  • Evaluate services that will be used during migration
  • Define time for migration execution
Romexsoft, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, can help you make your migration to AWS fast, smooth and without downtimes.

Top 10 AWS services to choose for your business in 2020

Top 10 AWS Services

The universe of Amazon In the past years, cloud computing has revolutionized the technology industry. With it, tech companies don’t need anymore to make essential…

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure: Which One is The Best For Your Business?

AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure: cloud comparison

A detailed analysis of the top three cloud platforms with a comparison chart and additional insights for building a strong case for cloud migration. Migrate…

Dedicated Project Team vs. Fixed-Price

Dedicated Project Team

Learn how to hire and collaborate with software developers for your IT project. The difference between a dedicated team and a fixed-price model explained. What…

10 Must-Have Tools for Managing an Offshore Development Team

project management tools

Get to know the best remote collaboration tools for businesses new to outsourcing software development.