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We build custom software solutions with features for billing management, claim processing, automated population of claim data, and automatic bill reminders.
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Medical billing is the system of submitting and applying for medical claims to healthcare payers to receive reimbursement for treatment provided by healthcare professionals. We design reliable architecture for accurate storage of medical records, patient demographics, easy payer managing and insurance information, accurate claim processing, and generating financial and other reports. Our developers create custom RCM software and integrate it with related medical software systems to enable faster, smoother payment cycles for healthcare providers.

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Medical Claims Management

Healthcare claim management is a complex process that can be simplified by integrating software solutions for automated processing of medical claims. Our engineers are experienced in creating customized claim management solutions, including automated generation of different types of claim forms (UB-04, CMS1500), claim submission to payer, processing Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI X12) transactions (automated workflow improves the provider-to-payment process of payer acceptance, rejection data, claim status, and information denial). We use secure channels and formats for secure data transmission between provider and payer systems, so that each claim is processed accurately.

Medical Coding Solutions

Medical coding is the process of translating medical diagnoses, procedures, treatments, and equipment into predefined codes, including ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes to simplify the billing process. Our development team builds comprehensive software solutions that provide an automated process of medical codes classifying and translating in line with ICD-10 and CPT terminologies following CMS. Automated medical coding processing helps you improve the coding process, speed up billing operations, and minimize errors through more accurate and compliant coding.

Healthcare EDI Automation

Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) automation software accelerates operations by faster and more accurate submission, processing and reconciliation of health claims. It minimizes revenue leakage, boosting clean claim rates, and reduces unproductive manual systems. Our engineers have experience in developing software solutions that automate the processing of EDI/X12 transactions among payers and clearinghouses (automate the processing of EDI 850 purchase orders, EDI 834 benefit enrollment plans and EDI 837 claim transactions).

Payer Administration

Integrated software solutions increase efficiency and productivity by automating
business processes and streamlining workflows. We design and implement solutions for centralized payer administration, insurance management, optimizing claim management processes. Besides, we manage compliances to maximize quality and productivity.

Automated Population of Claims Data

Software solutions for the automated population of claim data help eliminate the requirement for manual re-entering of data. This feature aims to automatically generate claims data based on the original entries. Thus, claims are generated efficiently and organically, reducing the burden on manual work.

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