E-Commerce Platform Migration From On-Premises to AWS

Explore how we helped the E-commerce platform achieve scalability and security levels previously unattainable in their on-premises data center.

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Executive Summary

Our Customer

CorporateGift is a tech-based gifting marketplace and integrated platform. They help companies show appreciation and manage relationships through a new type of gifting experience specifically designed for corporations.

CorporateGift’s solution includes 3 main pillars, namely the huge variety of products to ensure recipient satisfaction, advanced technology and automation for a seamless process control, and a team of experts ready to provide best practice and support to make sure every customer’s need is met.

The Obstacles They Faced

CorporateGift faced a lot of challenges caused by rapid market growth, the main of which were scalability and security that could not be satisfied within their on-premises data center.

How We Helped

By migrating CorporateGift infrastructure from on-premises to AWS, Romexsoft helped CorporateGift achieve the required level of scalability and security, which was not available on their on-premises data center.

The Challenges

CorporateGift IT infrastructure was located on the on-premises data center. The application servers and the database were deployed on one server (including Dev and Production environments) which was not scalable at all, had monolithic architecture and security breaches. To meet the increasing market demands the company asked Romexsoft to migrate their existing solution into a scalable, highly available, and secure environment.

The Solution

AWS migration gives organizations a transformational opportunity to change the way they do business. Security and scalability are always at the top of the agenda in any cloud conversation, however, customers find that their scalability opportunities and security posture increase when they move to the AWS Cloud.

AWS migration competent companies like Romexsoft, that have deep experience in helping businesses successfully move to AWS through all phases of complex migration projects, discovery, planning, and operations, provide customers with cost-effective and competitive solutions.

To meet client’s requirements Romexsoft suggested to apply the AWS Replatforming migration strategy. Romexsoft dockerized client’s applications and launched them on ECS Fargate service. As a DB layer – RDS Aurora Serverless was used. AWS ElastiCache service was used as the main caching layer and AWS ElasticSearch service was used as a logs processing tool. Network infrastructure was designed according to the AWS best practices: with multi AZs, bastion hosts in public subnets, and NAT gateways for resources in private subnets. AWS CodePipeline was used for CI/CD processes. Production and Staging environments were provisioned by AWS CloudFormation and set up in different regions.

CorporateGift E-commerce Marketplace AWS Architecture Diagram

CorporateGift E-commerce Marketplace AWS Architectural Diagram - Replatforming Migration Strategy
CorporateGift E-commerce Marketplace AWS Architecture Diagram after applying AWS Replatforming migration strategy.

Amazon Web Services Utilized

Amazon EC2
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
AWS Fargate icon
Amazon Simple Storage Service icon
Simple Storage Service (S3)
Amazon EFS icon
Elastic File System (EFS)
Amazon Aurora icon
Amazon ElastiCache icon
CodePipeline icon
Elastic Load Balancing
Application Load Balancer (ALB)
Amazon OpenSearch Service icon
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud icon
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Amazon CloudFront icon
AWS CloudFormation for managing infrastructure as code within DevOps pipelines.

The results

  • CorporateGift infrastructure was migrated to a secure and scalable AWS environment.
  • Due to the scalability of AWS cloud, the company’s business has no issues with serving their customers during peak loads of the system throughout discount periods and rush hours.
  • CorporateGift successfully uses new cloud infrastructure and develops his product on AWS.

Verified by AWS

This case study is validated by AWS. Experts and professional auditors from AWS reviewed this case study and verified that we, Romexsoft, have built a functional infrastructure and efficient cloud solution.

It showcases the value that Romexsoft, being a certified AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, delivers cloud solutions according to AWS standards and best practices.

Check out Romexsoft’s profile at AWS Partner Network.

Why Romexsoft

As Romexsoft is a trusted Software Development Company and Managed Service Provider since 2004, it has extensive expertise in successful delivery of custom solutions in Fintech, HealthCare, Media, EdTech, and AdTech industries.

  • Romexsoft is a Certified AWS Consulting Partner that helps cloud-based businesses BUILD, RUN, and OPTIMIZE their systems on AWS.
  • 60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI through long-term partnership relationships.
  • 90% of customers are willing to recommend Romexsoft as a reliable software vendor due to its strong expertise which can be proven by our clients’ reviews and 5-star ratings.

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E-Commerce Platform Migration FAQ

How can an AWS commerce platform enhance the performance of e-commerce businesses?

An AWS commerce platform offers a robust infrastructure tailored for e-commerce businesses. By leveraging AWS services, e-commerce platforms can achieve high availability, scalability, and security. For instance, using AWS ElastiCache can significantly improve application performance by caching frequently queried data. Additionally, AWS's global infrastructure ensures that e-commerce platforms can handle peak loads, especially during high traffic events, providing a seamless shopping experience for users.

What are the key considerations for e-commerce migration to AWS?

E-commerce migration to AWS requires a strategic approach to ensure data integrity, minimal downtime, and a smooth transition. Key considerations include assessing the current architecture, choosing the right AWS services that align with the business needs, and planning for scalability to handle peak traffic loads. Utilizing ecommerce migration services can also help in making the migration process efficient, ensuring that all components of the e-commerce platform, from databases to user interfaces, are seamlessly migrated and optimized for the AWS environment.

How do AWS ecommerce solutions support business continuity and disaster recovery?

AWS ecommerce solutions are designed with business continuity and disaster recovery in mind. By leveraging services like Amazon RDS, which offers automated backups, database snapshots, and automated failover, e-commerce platforms can ensure data durability and availability. Additionally, AWS's multi-region infrastructure allows for setting up geographically dispersed environments, ensuring that in the event of a disaster or an outage in one region, the e-commerce platform can quickly failover to another region, minimizing downtime and potential revenue loss.

What are the advantages of using ecommerce migration services when transitioning to AWS?

Using ecommerce migration services offers a structured and efficient approach to transitioning an e-commerce platform to AWS. These services provide expertise in both e-commerce platforms and AWS infrastructure, ensuring that the migration is seamless, secure, and optimized for performance. Key advantages include a reduction in migration time, ensuring data integrity during the transition, optimizing the AWS environment for e-commerce operations, and providing post-migration support to ensure the platform operates efficiently in the AWS ecosystem.

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