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Seamless, Non-Disruptive and Secure Transition to AWS Cloud

Romexsoft is a trusted end-to-end partner, offering a full spectrum of Amazon migration services. Move away from bulky legacy infrastructure that’s no longer serving your business well in favor of an agile, robust and secure AWS cloud environment. Our expert team will guide you through the key steps of the Amazon cloud migration process to ensure a seamless and streamlined transition.

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Our AWS Migration Methodology

1. Assess & Analyze

We examine your operations & workloads, applications & business logic, server types, network topology, security and compliance requirements to gauge the scope of required work.

2. Strategy & Roadmap

Our certified architects will walk you through the different facets of migration in AWS and help determine the optimal combination of services, tools and additional technologies to support your new cloud architecture.

3. Proof of Concept

We practice POC architectural design and prototype development to assess post-adoption business value. Gain a better sense of how infrastructure and application migration to AWS will transform your business.

4. Migrate

  • AWS Infrastructure Development
  • DevOps Automation (CI/CD)
  • Cloud-Native Application Development
  • Application & Data Migration
  • Cloud Migration Support

5. Validation & Testing

Every application, database, and workflow gets validated and tested with the latest cloud migration software to ensure utmost security, compliance and reliability. Your application migration to the cloud is guaranteed to be fast and effective.

6. Operate

  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Next-Generation Monitoring Services
  • AWS 24/7 Support & Incident Management
  • Ongoing Security Compliance
  • AWS Cost Optimization

How Can You Benefit from AWS Migration Services?

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Why Romexsoft? Glad You Asked.

15+ years of industry experience

We are well into our second decade of shipping fault-tolerant cloud applications and building scalable architecture. Engage with an experienced IT partner who can fully meet your current business needs and plan ahead for the future.

24/7 Tech Support

You won’t lose sleep because of us. Our dedicated support team is at your disposal 24/7 to provide debugging, troubleshooting, and instant responses to any questions or issues you have. Ping us anytime.

We are Flexible

Your engagement with Romexsoft can be customized to include as many services as you like. Scale your development teams on an as-needed basis, and gain quick access to the expertise you need at the moment to keep your cloud migration costs at bay.

Pro Teams

Our AWS infrastructure and application migration software development team are not only good and certified, but they have a deep passion for the work they are doing. Romexsoft specialists are deeply invested in the success of their cloud projects and are fully committed to delivering the best results possible.

Our AWS Cloud Migration Services

AWS Consulting

Application Integration

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

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