AWS Migration Services

Achieve a seamless, non-disruptive, and secure migration to AWS,
the world's most comprehensive and evolved cloud platform.

aws cloud migration services

AWS Migration Services Use Cases

Move away from bulky legacy infrastructure that’s no longer serving your business well in favor of an agile, robust and secure cloud environment. Romexsot's AWS migration services are designed to cater to a range of scenarios, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

Cloud migration assessment

Cloud migration assessment

Our experts scrutinize your app’s operations, server types, and business logic. The goal is to deeply understand your workloads, which informs the migration strategy and timeline.

cloud migration strategy

Migration strategy and roadmapping

This case involves careful configuration of cloud services for your new environment. The readiness assessment is used to plan the roadmap for the AWS migration. It ensures risk mitigation while balancing the resources.

Application migration to AWS cloud

Application migration to AWS cloud

For the Rehost migration strategy, AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) is a key advisory. It simplifies the migration process while minimizing downtime and performance disruption.

Data migration to AWS

Data migration to AWS cloud

DataSync automates data transfer between on-premises environments and AWS Storage services. For transferring larger objects over long distances, we suggest Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration (S3TA).

Database migration

Database migration with AWS DMS

Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) enables data migration to and from various databases. During the process, applications remain operational and the database accessible due to minimal downtime.

Post migration validation

Post migration validation and testing

We ensure system security by conducting thorough testing of each application, database, and workflow. Special attention is given to the cloud’s scalability, possible integrations, and potential risks mitigation.

Verified AWS Specializations

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AWS Cloud Migration Case Studies

Discover how we ensured a resilient, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure for the client's application by migrating it from Heroku to AWS.

Explore how we assisted the E-commerce platform in achieving the required levels of scalability and security, previously unavailable in their on-premises data center.

Explore how a lift-and-shift migration to AWS helped our client improve speed, attain scalability, and address security breaches.

What Our Clients Say

Our company’s ability to deliver sophisticated cloud-based solutions for the healthcare industry would be compromised without Romexsoft’s superbly skilled engineers. Whether it’s a complex development project or streamlining DevOps, we count on their expertise and are yet to see them skip a beat. As they have been for years of our relationship, they continue to provide the answers to our evolving needs.

Gennady Gandelman
CEO @ Pragma-IT

We've been working with Romexsoft for nearly a year now; we engaged them to assist in the migration of multiple PWS microservices to AWS and continue to leverage their skills to operate and extend those environments. Their code skills are fantastic and their communications, best represented by the weekly standups, are exemplary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Jon Labrie
CTO @ Greenfence

Benefits of AWS Cloud Migration Services

Legacy app modernization database

Legacy app modernization

AWS cloud migration services facilitate application modernization by transforming legacy systems into scalable, efficient, and cloud-native applications, enhancing their performance, security, and flexibility.

cost optimization as aws cloud migration benefit

Cost optimization

By migrating to the AWS cloud, organizations can significantly reduce their IT costs through efficient resource utilization, pay-as-you-go pricing models, and automated cost management tools.

reliable disaster recovery

Reliable disaster recovery

AWS provides robust disaster recovery solutions, ensuring business continuity by quickly restoring applications and data from a cloud-based backup in the event of a system failure or data loss.

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Our App Migration Methodology

Romexsoft's certified professionals will guide you through the all steps of the migration process to ensure a seamless and streamlined transition to AWS cloud.

1. Assessing and analyzing

AWS Migration Readiness Assessment is a process that is conducted by our certified cloud architects team. We examine your operations; workloads, applications; business logic, server types, network topology, security and compliance requirements to gauge the scope of required work.

migration readiness assessing

2. Strategising and roadmapping

We will help you determine the optimal combination of cloud services, computing resources, and technologies required to support your new cloud environment. The Migration Readiness and Planning method will be applied to understand the scope of work and provide a detailed roadmap.

strategising and roadmapping in aws cloud migration

3. Developing proof of concept

We practice proof of concept (POC) architectural design and prototype development to assess post-adoption business value. Gain a better sense of how applying AWS application migration service will transform your business.

proof of concept in aws migration

4. Migrating to AWS cloud

AWS Infrastructure Development
DevOps Automation (CI/CD)
Cloud-Native Application Development
Application & Data Migration
Cloud Migration Support

aws migration

5. Validating and testing

Every application, database, and workflow gets validated and tested with the latest cloud migration software to ensure utmost security, compliance and reliability. Your application migration to the cloud is guaranteed to be fast and effective.

validating and testing in aws cloud migration

6. Operating and maintaining

  • Site Reliability
  • Engineering (SRE)
  • Next-Generation Monitoring Services
  • Incident Management
  • Ongoing Security Compliance
  • AWS Cost Optimization
  • operating in aws migration

    Why Romexsoft is the Right Choice as a Cloud Migration Services Provider

    Since 2004, we have been a trusted and AWS-certified software development vendor. We consistently deliver modern, flexible, and cost-effective solutions, having collaborated with the majority of our customers for over four years on average.

    Customer-first culture

    60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI by leveraging long-term partner relationships.

    5-star review rating

    90% of our clients are willing to recommend us due to transparency, responsiveness, and strong AWS expertise.

    Full-fledged AWS expertise

    Our engineers passed AWS certifications that validates their technical competency in a wide specter of AWS tools and solutions.

    AWS Migration Services FAQ

    What are the benefits of migrating to AWS?

    Thanks to migrating to the AWS cloud, you can reduce operational costs, avoid capital costs, and get the required level of scalability and reliability for your applications.

    Moving to AWS allows organizations to innovate and adopt new technologies faster by doing more experiments and prototyping, and by utilizing modern, elastic, and cost-effective cloud environments.

    An increased level of security protection and enhanced operational efficiency are the other advantages of having your business in the cloud.
    Transition to AWS is a long-term winning strategy allowing businesses to leverage the multiple benefits of cloud economics.

    What are the steps of the AWS cloud migration?

    Even though every project is unique, the Migration to AWS could be divided into 6 fundamental steps:

    Evaluation phase to understand the current IT setup, align expectations, collect business requirements, and outline business outcomes.

    Planning phase to choose an optimal migration strategy, understand the scope of work, and produce a specific migration roadmap.

    Prototyping phase to verify the chosen migration approach, minimize risks, and get a better visibility of the post-migration business value.

    Migration phase is when the apps, data, and workloads are transferred to the cloud, and operations are configured according to the business requirements.

    Testing phase ensures security, reliability, and compliance of the whole cloud environment including migrated apps and data.

    Operation phase is when the migration project is completed. The business apps, databases, and cloud services together with operations and workloads are working smoothly.

    How to migrate to AWS?

    Prior to migration, you need to understand the benefits of having your business in the cloud. Then, outline how your business will operate in a cloud and what business outcomes you want to achieve.

    After that, AWS migration consulting experts analyze your current infrastructure, suggest the optimal AWS cloud migration strategy, and compose a detailed migration plan. Then, your apps, data, and workflows are gradually migrated to AWS by the team of DevOps and cloud engineers.

    As your applications start operating in the cloud, the old on-premises resources are being gradually switched off.

    How to choose the AWS cloud migration strategy?

    Choosing the Migration Strategy is a key decision which impacts the scope of work, timelines, and budgets:

    Rehost also known as a “lift-and-shift” approach is migrating AS IS, when the migration is done without implementing any cloud optimizations. It works well when the migration should be done quickly.

    Relocate strategy is used when the apps, data, and operations need to be transferred to a cloud environment without any modifications. For instance, the relocate scenario is used to move the existing cloud infrastructures to another AWS Region or AWS account.

    Replatform strategy works well when there is no need to change the application logic and architecture. However, the tangible benefits of using the Replatform approach are getting from switching on-premises databases and application servers to fully managed AWS cloud services and/or platforms.

    Refactor strategy is chosen when it is required to re-architect the existing applications in order to add new features and meet business needs in scale and reliability. Refactor scenario can be the most beneficial strategy as it expects to use modern technology and cloud-native features.

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