We are Romexsoft – Java Development Company from Ukraine

Learn what we stand for as a Java development company from Ukraine. Our vision, mission, and key values our development team shares being summarized.

We always strive for perfection. We believe in the brave new world of better apps that go beyond the boldest users’ expectations. We are the team, whose goal is to help other companies become digital-native and unlock their full product potential through Java technology.

Meet Romexsoft

Romexsoft is an agile Java software development company from Ukraine with HQ in Lviv and representative offices in London, UK, and Chicago, USA.

Our key areas of expertise are web applications for healthcare providers, innovative software solutions for fintech startups, high-load systems for the media industry and anyone in between looking for a powerful new solution.

Java programming is our core as we believe it is the ultimate language for creating robust, stable, and user-friendly products for a wide variety of niches. 92% of our programmers are Oracle-certified and continuously invest in further self-education.

Romexsoft is built on two key principles:

  • Value always comes first.
  • People matter the most.

We’ve created a close-knit team environment, where the emphasis is always placed on cooperation. Our developers don’t compete – they work together on shared goals and visions, which are to deliver applications and software that matches our clients’ needs.

The custom Java development services we offer aren’t about just writing the code (though, surely, we focus a lot on that too). Alongside delivering the best products possible, Romexsoft’s ultimate goal is to create long-standing partnerships.

Working with us means that a large chunk of time will be dedicated to researching your goals, current struggles, and process bottlenecks. We want to understand how your business works and offer a solution that would propel you to the next level.

Outsourcing Java web development to our company means that we will communicate a lot. You’ll get to meet the people working on your product during the regular stand-ups, demo meetings, and quick chats.

That is why we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Ground Zero: History of Romexsoft

Back in the early 2000s, the company’s founder, Serhiy Kozlov, was doing his job as a hired employee at another offshore software development company.

Software development was only becoming a “thing” in Ukraine. We already had the specialists, and foreign nearshore investors started gaining interest in the country’s potential…But Ukraine was yet to enter the era of digitalization.

Most business players still preferred manual labor to “building an app for that”. Their business processes were inefficient. These companies lacked understanding of how monotonous tasks and routines can be optimized or completely eliminated with software. And the worst thing was that product quality lagged behind as vendors failed to decipher and utilize the customer data they already had at their disposal.

Well, some of these issues are nowhere near gone today either. Our Java application development company was created to address them.

Our Mission and Vision

Romexsoft was built on the premise that software and web applications should be a delight to use. They should be elegant, efficient and easy-to-navigate. They shouldn’t glitch, crash or abruptly shut down while important processes take place.

We envision a world where common routines are digitized and data is accessible to businesses within a few clicks. A world, where great products deliver immense value to users. A world, where bright minds and bold innovators work together on challenging projects.

That vision matches our current mission – to be a company that adds value to each new solution deployed to the market. And becomes a trusted consulting partner for our clients to help them reveal their full potential through innovative digital solutions.

This brings us to the next point – how do we get there?

The Key Technologies We Use For Our Projects

Java technologies

Great tech stack is the backbone of your product’s success. We aim to educate our clients on the pros and cons of different tech stacks in our blog, and offer custom solutions based on the project requirements. Here are some of the core technologies and tools we use throughout all of our projects:

  • Java – again, it is in Romexsoft’s DNA. It’s a robust, elegant, secure and multi-purpose language. Currently, we use Java 8 and are anticipating the rollout of Java 9.
  • Java Frameworks – Spring MVC, Struts 2, Hibernate and JSF are among the top choices. You can check out a more detailed comparison with experts’ commentary here: 7 Best Java Frameworks for 2016
  • JavaScript and its frameworks including Angular.js vs React.js vs Ember.js. Again, all rated and compared here: Comparison of JS Frameworks
  • Cloud computing – Amazon Web Services (AMS), Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Automated testing tools – Serenity, Appium, Jenkins, Selenium, and Behave are the primary choices.
  • MySQL, MSSQL, and MongoDB – all are superb databases for processing structured and unstructured data.
  • Data science technologies – Apache Spark and its modules including Spark MLlib, Spark GraphX, and Spark Streaming. Statistical packages including SPSS, Stata, Eviews, SAS and Statistica.

We have adopted the Agile approach both for development and managerial processes. JIRA is our go-to project management tool and we utilize an automated Continuous delivery model based on two-weeks SCRUM sprints, meaning that we can push new product features every 2 weeks of the production. Our PMs are certified SCRUM masters and master-communicators, who can explain complex subjects in plain English.

Our Values

Java software development company

During the past twelve years, we heavily invested in building a strong company culture, which fosters cooperation, transparency, mutual respect, and proactivity.

Deliberately, we choose to hire people who share our team values:

  • Creativity
  • Proactivity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Delivering Value First

These personal values are deeply rooted in the way we do business with our clients.

Customer-Centered Approach

We never work for the sake of billing hours and we would never release a “half-baked” product just to sign off the project. We believe in building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, and working together towards achieving the common goal. All that for building a delightful, robust product that brings value to users.

Some of our clients have been with our company for almost a decade, visited our premises and recommended us to their network. This speaks a lot about the kind of cooperation we aim to maintain. Yet, even if you are in for a short-term commitment, we will welcome you like an old friend and a trusted partner.

Outsourcing software development doesn’t mean that you have no idea what your team is up to. At Romexsoft, we have built an efficient communication pipeline, which ensures that no details are left behind. Regular demos, video stand-ups, and regular check-ins are scheduled throughout the project timeline.

You will receive access to all of the project dashboards to see exactly what’s on agenda and how much work has been done so far. No hour is billed without a solid reason.

Make an Impact

We believe that there’s always a way to do some things better. While we do use the tested and tried approaches, our developers are encouraged to innovate and proactively suggest new ways to develop better software solutions.

Making today better than yesterday is our top priority. This extends towards supporting continuous education among our employees – we provide additional certifications, professional courses, and access to conferences. You can always catch up with us on TNW events.

Romexsoft is also an active member of Lviv IT Cluster – a community organization, which drives massive systematic changes in the local business environment within the city and the country. We are among the list of the Best Custom Software Development Companies.

Always a Team

Looking for Java experts?

Romexsoft is a people-centered organization. We always place our clients in the spotlight – and act the same with our employees. By continuously investing in our team’s well-being, we have managed to gather the best talents, the boldest innovators and the most creative managers under one roof.

Today we are highly interested in seeing more women in tech. We greatly encourage our female experts to enter the IT industry. Right now, the ratio of girls to boys among our employees is 1:3, but we are hoping to even out the numbers in the following year!

We are Romexsoft – a mature, agile and creative Java development company ready to create a successful new project for your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Written by Romexsoft on June 2, 2017 (edited 2020)

Nataliya Saturska
Nataliya Saturska Engagement Manager, Romexsoft
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