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SaaS PoC: Why to Use it and How to Prevent its Collapse From Suddenly Growing Demand

PoC for SaaS

As a piece of disposable code which nonetheless speaks volumes of the solution’s future, a proof-of-concept seems to be a simple and effective way to predict a software product’s further trajectory. Meanwhile, there are numerous gray spots in using PoC. Armed with this article, you will get into the swing of…

  • What proof-of-concept (PoC) is
  • What PoC business benefits and implications are
  • What PoC-associated challenges SaaS faces
  • How to successfully switch from PoC to production
  • How Romexsoft helps in PoC-production transition

Six Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: The Impact of its Usage When Building SaaS Application

Laptop with the code on the screen

If you have a very vague idea of what the mere concept of the AWS Well-Architected Framework represents, perusing this article will provide you with the central and most significant points of the topic.

If you consider the possible improvements that mechanisms like the Framework could bring to the solution impracticable and incompatible with the factual everyday issues, you will be able to fully appreciate the benefits the Framework could potentially introduce to your existing software product, or the software-to-be.

How to Build a Modern SaaS Application Based on AWS: A Definitive Guide for Startup Founders

How to Build a Modern SaaS Application on AWS

While most startup founders know the basics of cloud computing, we assume that many of them lack experience in creating modern SaaS solutions. We created this guide to building a web app hosted on AWS to explain:

  • What “a modern SaaS app” means
  • How a SaaS development process looks like
  • What challenges can you face when developing a SaaS product
  • How building a web app on AWS can help you deal with these challenges

Building SaaS Applications: How we Work With Clients

People working on the IT project

  • You are facing a business challenge but still hesitant to make a tangible step to build the right product.
  • You are considering partnering with a vendor but unsure of which points to take into account.
  • You are willing to concentrate on your business matters, but you don’t fancy investing your time into getting the hang of technical aspects.

If any of these statements hold true for you, keep on reading.

What are Microservices? Microservices Examples

Developers use microservices to build scalable and functional applications piece by piece. Such architectures help deliver a more complex app structure without trying to create…

What it Takes to Develop an Enterprise Web Application?

Enterprise Web Application

    Got an enterprise web development project at stake?
    Here you will find useful insights on:
  • Pillars of Successful Enterprise Web Application Development
  • Web Application Development Costs
  • How to choose the right Tech Stack, Framework, Lifecycle Model and Development Process
  • Security Best Practices and Viable Authentification Methods
    This guide covers all the essential preps & pillars of building a robust and secure app.

Cloud-Native Applications: An Essential Guide

Cloud-Native Applications

In the data-driven modern world, app development technologies are constantly evolving. Users and companies process, access and deliver tons of information every single day, so…

Simplifying Cloud Storage Costs: How AWS S3 Pricing Works

    Want to have a better understanding of the S3 Pricing Models and of additional useful instruments for work with S3?
    In this article you will get to know:
    • What is AWS S3
    • How AWS S3 Pricing works
    • What AWS Tools can be utilized for work with S3
    Besides that this article will help you better understand the structure of S3 Pricing Models and give insights on how to manage your S3 bills and what free options AWS offers.

The SaaS Application Development Lifecycle

saas software development

    SaaS applications are hosted in the cloud, that is why they can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.
    Key stages of the SaaS Application Development Lifecycle:
    1. Outlined Vision
      2. Planning
        3. Subscription
          4. Development
            5. SaaS Implementation & Deployment
            Learn the key timelines and essential considerations for your SaaS application development project in this blog.

AWS HIPAA Compliance: Best Practices Checklist

AWS HIPAA Compliance

    Companies that decide to build HIPAA compliant apps on AWS, should know the following:
  • Is AWS cloud HIPAA compliant?
  • Is it compulsory to sign a Business Partner Agreement with AWS?
  • What is Shared Responsibility?
  • How to use AWS tools correctly to make the app HIPAA compliant?
  • What requirements and controls are recommended to be implemented?
    This checklist will assist you in building a scalable, reliable and secure HIPAA compliant solution on AWS.