Top software development company 2016 clutch

Romexsoft Was Recognized As The Top Java Development Company In 2016

Clutch, a DC-based research company, which regularly reviews and analyzes software development companies and professional services providers, recently updated its report on Top Java Developers.…

by Valentyna
21 Test Software Testing Tools

Inside The Toolkit: 21 Test Software Testing Tools Rated and Reviewed

While testers make developers cry (kudos to Michael Hunter for this over-the-top line), they also contribute to making the final product bulletproof. If you want…

by Elena
Quora For Lead Generation

How We Use Quora For Lead Generation and Marketing Software Services

Quora is a big deal these days. You’ve heard the buzz - it can bring massive traffic to your corporate blog, leverage your authority in…

by Valentyna
All Cool Kids

Software Blogs All Cool Kids Are Reading This Year

Ever wondered what everyone else in the industry is reading? Well… We have 14 software blogs and authors we particularly admire. A good half of…

by Elena
Start Us Connect

Start Us Connect: Lviv 1.0

After a sequence of events in Budapest and Ljubljana, all startup enthusiasts, founders, investors, mentors and everyone in-between had a chance to get together for…

by Solomiya
software testing services

5 Software Testing Trends To Follow In 2019

Agile environment and DevOps practices are being highly used and adopted among software testers as their quality level is increasing due to high market demand,…

by Valentyna
Flyway Database Migration

Flyway: DB Migration In Continuous Integration Process

When talking about source code migration, everything is simple. Our team uses Git, Maven, and Jenkins to deliver the code on the production server. But…

by Ivan
Outsourced Software Testing Services strategy

Defining the Right Testing Strategy

It all starts with the strategy The Software Development Cycle for any project needs to be viewed holistically, as a whole, encompassing every step from…

by Halyna
Choosing An Outsourcing Partner

Checklist For Choosing An Outsourcing Partner That Fits You

What do you need, exactly? You need to prepare a precise and focused information on the project in question for further discussion and sign-off through…

by Solomiya
Collision Las Vegas 2015

6 Ukrainian Startups Exhibiting At Collision Web Summit 2015 In Las Vegas

Driven by local talent, startup scene in Ukraine is rising every year to a number of successful startups which already market their product globally like…

by Valentyna