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Launching a Startup? FinTech is So Hot Right Now

Fintech startup

Fintech isn’t just another buzzword. It’s still an untapped niche full of opportunities, funding, and support. Learn more in this guide!

How to Incorporate Agile 2.0 Into Your Company Strategy

Agile 2.0

What is Agile 2.0 and why should you care to adopt agile principles in your company? Find out in this guide from our CEO!

The Little Black Book of Intuitive Web Application Design

Intuitive Web Application Design

Get to know what makes web application design intuitive and how to create better products with our pro tips!

2 min read

Romexsoft Was Recognized As The Top Java Development Company In 2016

Top software development company 2016 clutch

We’re pleased to announce that Romexsoft gained the recognition title “Top Java Developers 2016” in the final research results by

Inside The Toolkit: 21 Test Software Testing Tools Rated and Reviewed

21 Test Software Testing Tools

Get to know the best software testing automated tools industry experts are using to create better products.

16 min read

How We Use Quora For Lead Generation and Marketing Software Services

Quora For Lead Generation

In this guide, I’ll share the exact tips for using Quora as content marketing and lead generation tool we’ve used at Romexsoft, plus the results we’ve gotten.

6 min read

Software Blogs All Cool Kids Are Reading This Year

All Cool Kids

Best software blogs to add to your reader for unique industry analysis, insights, leadership pieces and practical tips of course!

3 min read

Start Us Connect: Lviv 1.0

Start Us Connect

Overview of the first Start Us Connect: Lviv 1.0 event on Feb 25 initiated by StartUs, Austrian Business Association and Startup Depot in Lviv.

5 Software Testing Trends To Follow In 2019

There were many challenges for software testers in 2015 and more to come in 2016. We are glad to share our predictions for latest software testing trends in 2016.

Flyway: DB Migration In Continuous Integration Process

Flyway Database Migration

Today we will talk about effective continuous integration process which includes Database migration using open source tool Flyway.