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Our custom software development company delivers remarkable results that generate immediate value for your business. On-time. Up to your specs. According to the budget. We offer creative, elegant and cost-efficient custom software solutions even for the most complex business problems. By partnering with Romexsoft, you experience the benefits of a high-performing in-house team with no overhead costs involved. Our custom Software Developers, UX Designers, and PMs will work closely with you during each and every project stage to deliver the most beneficial outcome.

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Our Custom Software Development Services

Research & Analysis

Our custom software development services kick off with the research and analysis stage. This process is critical, as the main goal here is to ensure that expectations from both sides are discussed and documented.
Our requirement collection process includes:

  • Requirements Documentation
  • Requirements Management Plan
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix

Software QA/QC

Research and analysis Romexsoft

Design & Architecture

Our programmers analyze your specs and propose the most efficient solution for each particular feature. The senior project architect will outline the optimal product design to fit your business needs.

At this stage, we’d prefer to receive the following project specifications from you:

  • Preferable system architecture diagrams, including description of major software blocks for your web or mobile product
  • Preliminary/prototype database scheme
  • Wire-frame drawings of user interfaces, including user flow indicators
  • Description of deliverables at each development phase

UI/UX Design

qa software testing services

Implementation & Development

After all of the above is successfully settled on, it’s time to turn all the concepts, designs and blueprints into reality. Using the technologies, tools and platforms outlined in the documents, our team begins their work. We’ll keep you updated on each milestone reached and provide additional reporting when needed. The first benchmark is marked as complete once the Alpha version of your product is given to you for review.

  • Product testing
  • Making required modifications
  • Beta version rolling out
  • Maintain smooth operations during peak loads

Back-end Development

Custom front end and back end web development services work


After the grand finale tests are done and the custom software solutions are vetted as 100% stable, we start the roll-out process. Depending on the system’s complexity, we can opt in for a multi-stage release with one branch launched first, and additional locations added slowly; or a full-blown all-at-once implementation. It’s up to you to decide. If any training is required for the users, operations managers, or your in-house IT support, we can schedule the training sessions and go through the extensive supporting documentation together.

DevOps services

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Custom Software Development FAQ

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of building software for the specific needs of a specific business. A team of in-house IT specialists can perform it or the company can opt to outsource custom software development services to a third-party.

Unlike commercial off-the-shelf software, custom software is designed in accordance with a set of your specific requirements. If you want a unique set of functionality precisely addressing your users’ requirements, then custom software development is what you need.

Custom software development is complex and requires solid tech expertise, which is why businesses often turn to custom software development agencies. Their custom software development consultants help you define technical requirements and build a clear roadmap based on your business objectives so as to avoid any unnecessary twists and extra spending.

Why do businesses need custom software development?

Custom software development has a wide range of advantages. It grants companies a competitive edge because custom solutions are unique and available only to a particular company, as opposed to ready-solutions that are available to anyone on the market.

With customized software, you access unique functionality tailored to your needs. That is why companies that have special processes as their backbone or offer innovative products to the market often need custom software application development.

Even though custom software development might be more costly than ready off-the-shelf software, you can get significant profit from your custom software in the longer term. Besides that, one more advantage of custom software is that it is customizable to your budget and business expectations. It is also more secure and often much easier to integrate into your business processes.

How to choose a custom software development company?

Pay attention to the company’s experience, ask your vendor whether it has success cases with the type of software development that you want. Even a general understanding of what your business needs are, what functionality you require and what expertise is needed for that will come in handy during your search. Ensuring that your potential custom software development firm follows high-security standards is also critical.

Communication skills are important as long as the process of designing custom software is often challenging and many questions need to be discussed and properly clarified. Make sure that you feel convenient in communication with your vendor and that you are able to negotiate matters in an efficient manner. Discuss and take into account desirable delivery time and budget expectations.

What are the total costs of custom software development services?

The total cost for delivering a fully viable custom software depends on a plenty of different factors. Among the most crucial are: software scalability and complexity, set of features and capabilities, supported platforms (web or/and mobile), infrastructure requirements, potential integrations with other solutions, etc.

Moreover, SDLC (software development life cycle) implies variability and flexibility in terms of the involvement of professionals with various expertise levels, and correspondingly having different cost for their work, when building software. So the best way to understand the budget range of the planned development projects is to request a particular project cost estimation from a software development vendor.

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