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6 min read

Metrics That Matter: Measuring Success in DevOps

MEtrics that matter

Maximise the potential of your DevOps practices by focusing on the right metrics. From deployment frequency to automated testing coverage, discover the key performance indicators that align with both technical and business objectives. Learn how to measure, analyze, and act on these metrics to achieve DevOps excellence.

7 min read

Optimizing DevOps: Monitoring and Observability Essentials

optimizing devops support

Master the art of monitoring and observability. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essentials, from understanding the basics to leveraging advanced tools and metrics for a proactive DevOps strategy.

8 min read

Cloud Native DevOps: Harnessing Agility and Resilience

Cloud Native DevOps

Confused about the buzz around cloud native DevOps? Unlock the secrets to boosting business agility and system resilience.

  • Demystify the paradigm shift towards Infrastructure as Code and serverless computing
  • Gain actionable insights into navigating the complexities of cloud native DevOps
  • Learn best practices for security in a cloud environment
  • Equip your organization for long-term success in the cloud

16 min read

How to Conduct a Developer Skills Assessment for Evaluating Front-End Development Teams’ Expertise

Evaluating Front-end developers

Front-end developers are pivotal in shaping digital experiences. Their expertise not only defines user interactions but also impacts business success. Here's a quick overview:

  • User Experience: Directly influences brand image and customer satisfaction.
  • Tech Adaptability: Ensures familiarity with the latest tools and practices.
  • Performance: Guarantees optimal website speed and responsiveness.
  • Compatibility: Ensures consistent design across diverse devices.
  • Holistic Evaluation: Goes beyond resumes to include coding tests, project assessments, and behavioral interviews.
  • Optimized Process: Streamlined steps for efficient and comprehensive evaluation.

4 min read

Continuous Integration and Delivery: The Backbone of DevOps

Continuous Integration and Delivery

In the world of software development and operations, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are more than mere buzzwords. They represent a transformative approach that accelerates software releases while ensuring quality and reliability. Looking back, the software industry used to rely heavily on long development cycles. CI/CD evolved as a response to the need for more frequent and reliable software releases in an agile environment.

3 min read

Romexsoft Acquires Amazon OpenSearch Service Designation

Romexsoft Acquires Amazon OpenSearch Service Designation

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Amazon OpenSearch Service Designation, solidifying our commitment to providing high-quality search and analytics solutions with Amazon OpenSearch Service.

The Amazon OpenSearch Service Delivery specialization is an integral part of the AWS Service Delivery Program designed for engineering companies (AWS Partners) who assist customers in performing website search at scale, conducting interactive log analytics, enabling real-time application monitoring, and enhancing business intelligence capabilities.

4 min read

Romexsoft Obtains AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Status

AWS Advanced Services Partner Status – Romexsoft

We are proud to announce that Romexsoft, a software development company and managed services provider, has gained the Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Services Partner status.

Romexsoft has become one of the 11 Ukraine-based companies that have ever received this accreditation.

Front-End Build Tools and Workflow Optimization

front-end build tools

Explore the transformative world of front-end development tools designed to optimize and streamline workflows. Dive into the benefits of automation, the impact of popular build tools like Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt, and discover how module bundlers enhance web performance. With a focus on best practices, this guide sheds light on the pivotal role of build tools in modern web development, ensuring faster, efficient, and error-free project completions.

What is UX: User Experience Design Principles


Explore the principles of User Experience (UX) design in front-end development. Understand the importance of user needs, usability, and intuitive interfaces. Dive into the key aspects of UX design, including user-centered design, visual hierarchy, information architecture, and enhancing user engagement. Discover how UX design is not just about usability, but also about creating enjoyable, engaging, and memorable experiences. This comprehensive guide provides insights into UX design, making it a must-read for anyone interested in creating user-friendly digital products.

What is CSS: Essential CSS Concepts and Styling Techniques

what is css

Discover the power of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), the stylesheet language that controls the visual appearance of webpages. Learn the difference between HTML and CSS, understand CSS selectors and basic styling, explore the box model and layout, and delve into typography and text styling. Master dynamic effects with CSS transitions and animations. This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to create visually appealing and engaging webpages.