Process At Romexsoft

13 Commandments of Web Development Process At Romexsoft

With a good 100+ high-performance software systems under our belt, things may get busy at Romexsoft. While most assume we are a huge corporation, we…

by Valentyna

Startup Safary Berlin Report: What’s In For The Startups

At Startup Safary Berlin investors, accelerators, industry experts and startupers get together to exchange experiences, promote their work and share some insights of the internal…

by Valentyna
Nordic Tech

Nordic Tech: How Sweden Became The European Startup Central

While most eyes are kept on Berlin, London and Paris when it comes to big project launches and the surrounding startup buzz, it is Sweden…

by Elena
IT Outsource in Ukraine

Key Highlights of IT Outsource in Ukraine

Considering outsourcing your software development to Ukraine? Here’s some food for thought: Current workforce is estimated at nearly 90.000 IT Professionals and over 4000 software…

by Solomiya
Startup-Safary in Berlin

Romexsofters will visit Startup-Safary in Berlin

On April 28-29, 2016, Solomiya Zahray and Halyna Levko aka Business Development Team at Romexsoft will visit Berlin to attend Startup Safary Berlin which offers…

by Valentyna
Managing a Remote Development Team

The Definite Guide To Managing a Remote Development Team

Finding top talents domestically may get difficult at times with the competition being ripe, especially in the Silicon valley, London, Berlin and other buzzing startup…

by Elena

Launching a Startup? FinTech is So Hot Right Now

If I were to launch a startup tomorrow, the niche I would name straight off the bat is Fintech. The Internet and mobile technologies have…

by Elena
Agile 2.0

How to Incorporate Agile 2.0 Into Your Company Strategy

What’s holding you back from achieving more? This question kept haunting me ever since I had to refuse a customer for the very first time.…

by Serhiy
Intuitive Web Application Design

The Little Black Book of Intuitive Web Application Design

A web app that isn’t easy to use will not win many hearts. But designing a user-friendly interface is no joke either. What do my…

by Elena
Top Java Development Company

Romexsoft Was Recognized As The Top Java Development Company In 2016

Clutch, a DC-based research company, which regularly reviews and analyzes software development companies and professional services providers, recently updated its report on Top Java Developers.…

by Valentyna