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What are Microservices? Microservices Examples

Microservices Architecture

Developers use microservices to build scalable and functional applications piece by piece. Such architectures help deliver a more complex app structure without trying to create…

12 Ways to Reduce your AWS costs

AWS cost-reduction practices

Switching from in-house hardware to cloud solutions can lead to significant cost reduction. However, it's easy to overspend without proper AWS cost optimisation. Unnoticed expenses, such as unused instances, obsolete snapshots, and unattached volumes, can inflate your AWS bill. Cost optimisation not only saves money but also makes your infrastructure leaner and more efficient, improving performance and user experience. It also encourages proactive infrastructure management, leading to more informed decision-making. This post explores 12 AWS cost reduction strategies, including using Reserved Instances, Compute Savings Plans, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, and AWS Auto Scaling. It also discusses the importance of terminating unused assets, using AWS monitoring tools, and regularly assessing and analyzing your cloud environment.

How to Choose the Right AWS Partner to Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure

AWS Partner to Manage Cloud Infrastructure

    While looking for a potential AWS partner, many companies face the following challenges:
  • How to choose the right AWS Partner?
  • What is AWS Partnership Network?
  • How to find an AWS-certified partner that possesses the expertise I need?
    This blog will help you get a better understanding of AWS Partner Network, AWS partnership types, and questions you should ask before you make a decision on what company to cooperate with.
    Start working with an AWS partner and forget about the operational overhead!

9 min read

The Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records are disrupting today’s healthcare industry. Find out what’s so special and how EHR can help optimize treatment processes.

What is QA Outsourcing Services?

application testing services

Software development projects are quite complex: not only do they require a lot of time and costs, but also human resources. Sometimes companies suffer from…

What it Takes to Develop an Enterprise Web Application?

Enterprise Web Application

    Got an enterprise web development project at stake?
    Here you will find useful insights on:
  • Pillars of Successful Enterprise Web Application Development
  • Web Application Development Costs
  • How to choose the right Tech Stack, Framework, Lifecycle Model and Development Process
  • Security Best Practices and Viable Authentification Methods
    This guide covers all the essential preps & pillars of building a robust and secure app.

6 min read

What are the Best Practices for AWS Disaster Recovery Planning?

Best Practices for AWS Disaster Recovery Planning

    Everything fails from time to time, even the most reliable systems. That is why in order to secure business continuity, data protection and fast server recovery, one should have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.
    Tips on how to develop an AWS Disaster Recovery Plan:
    • Make a business impact analysis
    • Specify the RTO & the RPO
    • Place your company within the AWS spectrum
    • Hire a professional team
    • Test the plan

4 min read

Amazon Polly – Text-to-Speech

Amazon Polly - Romexsoft

Thanks to Amazon Polly the conversion of written texts into audio is now fast and effortless. In this article we will dwell upon:

  • Benefits of Amazon Polly
  • Remarkable Features Amazon Polly Offers
  • Niche Use Cases
  • Amazon Polly allows content creators to convert written content into high-quality, natural-sounding human voices in dozens of languages.

Cloud-Native Applications: An Essential Guide

Cloud-Native Applications

In the data-driven modern world, app development technologies are constantly evolving. Users and companies process, access and deliver tons of information every single day, so there is no wonder more and more various ways how to build an application appear. In this article, the cloud-native application, its benefits and drawbacks, methods and meaning will be discussed.

Amazon Web Services or Heroku – Which is Best for Your Business?

Heroku vs AWS

In this blog you will find a brief outline of AWS and Heroku, namely:

  • Overview of Heroku (its benefits & main working principles)
  • Difference between AWS and Heroku
  • Pros & Cons of Heroku
  • Pros & Cons of AWS
This article will assist you in making an informed decision in favour of either AWS or Heroku.