Dedicated Development Team

Expand your development capabilities, reduce efforts on organizing the development process, and minimize time-to-market for your software.

dedicated development team

Our Case Studies in Focus

We rapidly formed a skilled, dedicated development team to meet the client's urgent need for building a software solution from scratch.

Discover how we helped the client to accelerate its development while enhancing flexibility and scalability in building their SaaS.

Unveil how we delivered a solution that empowers publishers to convert text to speech, generating revenue from their content.

What Our Clients Say

Romexsoft’s team is essential to the product’s success. Not only have they kept development costs in check, but they’ve also managed to scale the solution substantially, onboarding a few key clients in the process. Their developers are equally personable and capable. We have found a team of devoted people who care about their clients and are very attentive to our needs.

Oren Liberman

Romexsoft has built a skilled and proactive team for SavvyMoney, eager to propose new solutions and hire expertise when needed. They have very good developers. The Romexsoft team is fairly well versed in English, both written and spoken. We haven't had the same problem with them as with other vendors. It’s a pleasure to work with Romexsoft, and I would highly recommend them.

Bhavna Guglani
VP of Product @ SavvyMoney

Verified AWS Specializations

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner badge demonstrates that Romexsoft is a trusted AWS Consulting Partner Company with certified AWS experts specializing in AWS Consulting and Managed Services.
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Our AWS Certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge showcases that being a reputable AWS Consulting Company Romexsoft is has experienced consultants offering its professional services.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft has seasoned consultants providing its AWS Consulting Services.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional badge demonstrates that being a reputable DevOps Services Provider Romexsoft has skilled consultants offering its DevOps Consulting Services.
AWS Certified Developer - Associate badge proves that Romexsoft maintains a team of experienced and certified developers offering its Cloud App Development Services for SMBs and Startups.
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate badge demonstrates that Romexsoft maintains skilled staff offering its DevOps Managed Services.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge demonstrates that being a reputable AWS Managed Services Provider Romexsoft maintains a skilled staff.

Dedicated Development Team Benefits

Dedicated software team for hire, designed to accelerate your initiatives and enhance cost efficiency. This service connects you with our pre-vetted IT professionals, ensuring project’s success with every code commit.

Development flexibility_128

Development flexibility

Boost your development capacity, speed, and adaptability without the traditional team management overhead. Our flexible approach allows for quick responses to changes in your needs and priorities, ensuring your development team can be adjusted on-demand.

Tailored expertise and experience_128

Tailored expertise and experience

Leverage our deep expertise in full-scale software development, AWS, and DevOps to craft a specialized development team that feels like an extension of your in-house crew. Enjoy unparalleled performance, seamlessly integrated into your operations, as if they were right in your headquarter.

Predictable costs_128

Predictable costs

Enjoy a pricing model with no overhead costs, offering transparent monthly fees based on your specific requirements and team composition. We take care of the equipment, IT, financial, and legal support for developers, ensuring no extra burden on your organization.

Easy administration_128

Easy administration

We streamline the administrative process by managing all aspects: contract negotiation, team setup, payroll, travel management, HR activities, and employee retention, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all our clients.

Vast spectrum of talents_128

Vast spectrum of talents

Access a vast pool of software engineers, offering a wide range of skill sets and expertise that align with your business goals. We ensure knowledge transfer, motivation, and personal growth opportunities for your engineering team.

Collaboration advantage_128

Collaboration advantage

The team we’ve assembled under our service is fully committed to your project, ensuring the success of your IT solution. This long-term partnership aims to reduce your TCO and maximize return on investment while unlocking new business opportunities.

Discover how the Service Gives Your Business an Edge

Hire a dedicated software development team empowered with AWS certified engineers.

How We Assemble Dedicated Teams for Our Clients

This structured approach ensures that that the specialized project teams are not only tailored to the specific needs of the client’s projects but are also flexible, scalable, and integrated into the client's operational ecosystem, maximizing efficiency and driving tangible business values.

Grasping business needs and project requirements

We start by thoroughly understanding the client’s specific needs, project goals, technical requirements, and expected outcomes. This step may involve meetings, questionnaires, and discussions to gather as much information as possible about what our collaboration aims to achieve.

Skill and resource assessment

Based on the gathered requirements, we as the vendor assess the skills and resources essential for the project’s execution. This includes identifying the necessary technical expertise, the number of developers, managers, QA engineers, and any other roles critical to the project’s success.

Recruitment and talents selection

If the required talent is not already available within our existing pool of employees, a recruitment process is initiated. This process is aimed at identifying and selecting candidates with the right skill sets, experience, and cultural fit for the project and the client’s organization. Learn more about our recruitment process here.

Team formation and onboarding

Once the right candidates have been identified, we assemble the team, ensuring a mix of roles and expertise that aligns with the project. This phase includes integrating the hired project staff into a cohesive team and familiarizing them with your business, objectives, workflows, as well the tools, methodologies, and communication channels to be used.

Guiding Development Teams After Onboarding to the Projects

Once the team is selected and onboarded, we transition our focus into a proactive and strategic management. It’s crucial to ensure that processes are optimized, and resources are utilized efficiently, which directly impacts the speed and quality of the software development.

Team management
At Romexsoft, we prioritize the day-to-day project management to guarantee the stable performance of your software development team. Our approach is centered on creating a seamless workflow that aligns with your project timelines and quality expectations. We understand that project requirements can evolve, so our service is flexible and adaptive enough. This adaptability ensures that we're always aligned with your business goals, providing a foundation for advancing your objectives.
Quality control
Romexsoft maintains a vigilant eye on both the development process and the productivity of your dedicated team. Through our proactive support, we ensure high performance, efficiency, and motivation across the board. This focus on quality and team spirit not only leads to high customer satisfaction but also fosters long-term partnerships. Our commitment is to make your project a success by ensuring that every line of code and every deployed feature adds value and drives your business forward.
Continuous improvement
We believe in continuous improvement. Feedback loops are integrated into our process, allowing for real-time adjustments and enhancements. This ensures that your dedicated team is always operating at peak performance and that your project benefits from the latest technological advancements and methodologies. Our goal is to keep your development efforts agile, responsive, and innovative.
Risk mitigation
Understanding that every project comes with its set of challenges, we proactively identify potential risks and implement strategies to mitigate them. Our support extends beyond problem-solving to include strategic advice and guidance to navigate the complexities of software development. This comprehensive support system ensures that your project remains on track, within budget, and is delivered on time.

Why Romexsoft is the Right Choice as a Software Development Vendor

Romexsoft is an official member of the AWS Partner Network and a trusted software development
and consulting vendor. Certified AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner.

Customer-first culture

60% of our clients have been working with us for over 4 years maximizing their ROI by leveraging long-term partner relationships.

5-star review rating

90% of our clients are willing to recommend us due to our transparency, responsiveness, and high professionalism.

Full-fledged AWS expertise

Our engineers passed AWS certifications that validates their technical competency in a wide specter of AWS tools and solutions.

Dedicated Development Team FAQ

What is a dedicated team model in software development?

Dedicated team model is a business approach that refers to a long term agreement between the client and Romexsoft. According to the project needs, Romexsoft provides a Software Development Team of dedicated IT professionals that have required skills and knowledge to implement the client’s envisioned scope.

How long does it take to set up a dedicated team?

Romexsoft builds the dedicated teams of software developers and other IT specialists from the pool of employees and qualified candidates. The process of hiring dedicated development team usually takes from 4 up to 8 weeks to set up a development team depending on required team composition.

What is the typical structure of a dedicated development team?

Romexsoft appoints a Delivery Manager (free of charge), who together with Project Manager/Tech Lead, defines the required roles and involvement. They approve each member of the team who is assigned to provide services according to SDLC.

What are Romexsoft's responsibilities under this model?

Under the dedicated software team we as a vendor are primarily responsible for providing a comprehensive service that includes not only development resources but also the management and support infrastructure necessary to ensure the project's success.

Romexsoft has the following responsibilities:

– Form an optimal team, including team roles and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) functions, tailored to the client’s needs.
– Suggest the optimal technology stack and execution plan for the project.
– Set up the SDLC according to the defined project phases.
– Ensure secure and reliable infrastructure for project development and deployment.
– Provide necessary development, testing, and collaboration tools.
– Manage the project on a daily basis, ensuring smooth progress.
– Meet quality constraints to ensure the deliverables meet the highest standards.
– Handle team management, including task assignment, performance monitoring, and adherence to project guidelines and best practices.
– Manage costs by optimizing resource utilization and ensuring transparent billing practices.
– Facilitate clear and continuous communication between the team and the client.
– Provide regular reports on progress, promptly address any issues, and adjust project plans as necessary.
– Encourage and implement client feedback continuously to improve processes and outputs.

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