Meet Romexsofters At TNW Europe Conference 2016

Romexsoft team will attend TNW Conference Europe 2016 which brings together the world’s most inspiring and influential minds in tech to introduce their wildest ideas to the world.

Romesoft dream team is heading to the the 11th annual TNW conference in Amsterdam this week! From May 26 till May 27 will be part of the world’s greatest technology forum and plan to mingle with some of the coolest technology leaders, active venture capitalists and fellow tech buffs.

Two days, eight stages, 300 pavilions and a chance to grab insights from some of our favorite tech leaders including Steve Huffman, the new CEO of Reddit; Gary Vaynerchuk, hardly any need for introduction; Julie Zhuo, the mind behind Facebook’s product design; Kees Koolen, the founding partner at, Uber and EQT Ventures; Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope; Danae Ringelmann, founder of Indiegogo; Peter Sunde, Co-founder of The Pirate Bay and more amazing keynote speakers we are dying to hear. Saying that we are uber excited equals saying nothing:)

Serhiy Kozlov – CEO

Solomiya Zahray– New Business Executive

Yaroslav Hreshko – CTO

Romexsoft team will share our company insights on the latest Java web trends and vast expertise in working with high-load web applications in the media domain.

We look forward to connect with you during those two blast days in Amsterdam. We’d love to chit chat and exchange tips on the on the web trends in general, design & development and all sorts of digital innovations.

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About The Next Web

The Next Web is mainly known as an online media platform, which runs great materials on all-things technology – from emerging trends to thrilling new startups and gadgets, along with frequent insights on the state of the tech scene in general. The estimated audience is 7 million monthly users.

The Next Web office also organises a series of The Next Web Conferences across Europe, the US and Latin America – always outstanding events attracting budding entrepreneurs and established speakers from all over the world.

On May 26-27 2016, The Next Web Conference has its 11th edition in Amsterdam. Up to 5,000 people are expected to attend this two-day event, yet tickets are still available for purchase. If you are interested to learn more about the latest best business practices in your domain and meet the world’s technology and innovation influencers, it’s the place to be for you too!

P.S. If you would like to speak to us at TNW, please book a meeting with us. We are always open to connect with like-minded professionals.

Written by Romexsoft on May 21, 2016

Valentyna Zalevska
Valentyna Zalevska Marketing Manager, Romexsoft
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