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Our Experience

We are a full-cycle custom software development company with proven domain expertise in healthcare. We offer HIPAA compliant custom web, mobile and cloud (AWS) software development with a focus on cutting edge technologies, the latest methodologies, and software architecture patterns. Our knowledge and expertise let us deliver custom software solutions and services to help healthcare providers, professionals and other players in the healthcare industry, improve patient outcomes, balance costs and secure PHI.

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Services We Provide

Custom Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Modern EMR systems are not just an electronic version of a paper medical chart, they optimize clinical workflows and organize patient data to make better diagnostics and treatment decisions. The custom medical software solutions make it easy to access and manage clinical documentation, test results and check the patients’ medical histories.

Custom Solutions for Workflow Automation

Organizations can dramatically streamline and standardize high-volume workflows with the use of technology. The efficiency improves in almost every industry, including healthcare, when repetitive workflows are automated. As a healthcare technology, workflow automation is critical to organizational success. That’s because health systems today have more programs, disparate systems and data requirements than ever before.

Custom Solutions for Medical Practice Management

Enhance management efficiency, revenue growth, improve care quality and financial effectiveness with custom practice management solutions.
We develop both web and mobile medical practice management solutions that ensure patient billing, appointment scheduling, patient registration, document management, claims processing, and reporting features.

Custom Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

Romexsoft development teams have experience in creating customized RCM software solutions for the healthcare industry. We develop features for managing referrals, accessing prior authorizations, processing claims, and generating financial reports.

Custom Mobile and Web Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Software intelligent solutions for healthcare professionals have already changed workflows inside the healthcare sector. There are many different types of mobile and web apps for doctors which assist healthcare professionals in their medical practices. They are powerful tools for efficient work and better care delivery.

We develop mobile solutions for medical practices that simplify interaction between healthcare professionals and patients, provide quick and secure access to medical and patient data, facilitate better coordination and collaboration between different stakeholders.

Custom Mobile and Web Portals for Patients

Patients today are more mobile than ever before, they want to have access to their medical records and doctors’ pieces of advice on the go. Patients mobile and web portals give them access to their health data whenever they need. Patient portal is a communication tool between the patient and healthcare professionals. It eliminates the need to contact an office to access clinical documentation, check treatment plans, medications prescribed, or figure out when an appointment is scheduled.

We have experience in creating intuitive and user-friendly patient portals that integrate patient health information from multiple sources and allow patients to review their medical records, manage appointments, and communicate with healthcare professionals.

Ensure Privacy & Security

It’s essential to note that the security of the patient’s medical data is the most important aspect of healthcare. Patients should feel confident that their medical information would not be compromised through the breach in your software.

We understand the importance of privacy and security of patient medical data. Therefore, in our solutions, we comply with both the stringent healthcare standards for patient health information (PHI) security such as HITECH and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We ensure that only authorized users have access to patient health information and only within the scope of their authority.

Healthcare Solutions in AWS Cloud

Our custom healthcare software development includes AWS cloud automation, AWS cloud application development, AWS cloud migration and more to make cloud readily available to any medical organization.

Rely on the team of AWS Certified Professionals to build comprehensive cloud solutions from scratch, seamlessly migrate existing software to AWS cloud, or integrate your platform with AWS cloud services. Let us ensure scalability and flexibility for your cloud platform, so you can respond to market changes in seconds, not days.

Our Strengths

19 years on the global IT market and 10 years in healthcare

Full-cycle software product development

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Conformity with certified development practices

Certified AWS and Java engineers

Understanding of healthcare industry needs

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Partnership & Awards

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner badge demonstrates that Romexsoft is a trusted AWS Consulting Partner Company with certified AWS experts specializing in AWS Consulting and Managed Services.
Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its AWS Consulting Services for SMBs and Startups as one of the top-performing IT services companies in the cloud consulting segment.
Clutch recognized Romexsoft and its end-to-end 24x7 DevOps Support Services as a top-rated AWS Managed Service Provider in Ukraine.
Clutch named Romexsoft a top-10 leading IT services company in Ukraine that is offering AWS Managed Services due to its proven industry expertise and effective service delivery.
Clutch recognized Romexsoft as a top outsourcing java development company in Ukraine that is able to provide measurable results and offer excellent customer service.

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