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Dedicated Project Team

Dedicated Project Team vs. Fixed-Price

Learn how to hire and collaborate with software developers for your IT project. The difference between a dedicated team and a fixed-price model explained. What…

by Nataliya Saturska
project management tools

10 Must-Have Tools for Managing an Offshore Development Team

You are likely managing internal teams. And if you are good at what you do, then you already know how to manage a team effectively.…

by Nataliya Saturska
Software Development Team

Software Development Teams: The Benefits and Selection Process Explained

Such scenes are played out all over the world. Creative has a unique idea for an app he knows will be a big seller. A…

by Nataliya Saturska
Best Countries to Outsource Software Development

The Best Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2019 Overview

Learn where in the world to hire software developers. A comparative analysis of the popular global outsourcing destinations. Outsourcing has become a common solution in…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Development Team Model

The Ultimate Guide to an Extended Development Team Model

If you are new to the concept of an extended software development team, it would be best illustrated with an example. Company “Travel Awesome”, a…

by Serhiy Kozlov
outsourcing vendor management

Single Vendor vs. Multi-Vendor Outsourcing: What to Choose?

A large orchestra has a number of instrumental sections – woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc. Each of those sections has a leader responsible for providing the…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Front-End Development Services

How to Manage an Offshore Development Team

Outsourcing. We truly are in a global economy now, and talent exists all over the planet. One of the fastest growing outsourcing activities is in…

by Nataliya Saturska
Manage a Tech Team

How to Manage a Tech Team if You’re a Non-Technical Person?

Overseeing IT as a non-technical person can seem intimidating at first. You wonder how to manage a team that seems to speak another language and…

by Serhiy Kozlov

The Definite Guide To Managing a Remote Development Team

Finding top talents domestically may get difficult at times with the competition being ripe, especially in the Silicon valley, London, Berlin and other buzzing startup…

by Serhiy Kozlov