24TV Mobile App

24TV Mobile was developed to share actual news videos and educational programs with its users on both Android and iOS platforms.



Lviv, Ukraine


Media & Entertainment


4 people


1 year


24TV, Ukrainian National news channel, aimed to provide people with up-to-date information not only when they are sitting in front of their computers at home or in the offices, but also when they are on-the-go. To make that work, 24TV founders decided to go mobile.

24TV Mobile App
24TV Mobile App Casses
24TV Mobile App


24TV mobile – iOS and Android applications for leading Ukrainian TV channel “24”. It allows users to watch news and shows at a convenient time everywhere on a mobile device. All categories of news are available through rich and convenient UX design.

Except the latest news, the app also offers live streaming of news, top news, online publications, videos and TV programs online.

With its more than half a million downloads, 24TV mobile app has become top news project on the Ukrainian market.

iOS application developed by Romexsoft is in Top 5 National Channels in the News Category on Apple store.

Key features include:

  • online/offline mode;
  • news sorted by categories;
  • live streaming;
  • context and banner advertisements.


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