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We stuff your apps with the best brains

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and you shouldn’t judge an app by its design and front store. Looks are important, but it’s the brain that makes your product irresistibly attractive. Do you want a smart kid, who also wins all the beauty pageants? That’s the type of product we code at Romexsoft.

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Back-end web development services

  • Users may not see your back-end code, but they experience the power of those snippets through the product’s functionality – from payment forms to email opt-ins and social sharing and all the other alluring visual elements mapped out by our UX gurus and built with front-end code.
  • The truth is – without a reliable backbone (pun intended), your product cannot exist and function normally.
  • You care about offering better services – our back-end web development services create efficient solutions to make that happen with a special love for high-load performance systems with enhanced stability
back-end web development services Romexsoft
  • You want an app that functions immaculately. You want the app that runs fast, doesn’t glitch and generates lucrative ROI for your company and a ton of positive customer feedback. You need a web app to handle any type of user-load.
  • During the past decade, our back end web development company has established an efficient development routine, based on the agile principles and industry’s best practices. We have extensive experience in developing complicated, high-load products for Fintech and Healthtech companies, Digital publishers and Entertainment content providers.
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Our Technology Stack:

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Our Back End Programming Services Focus On

  • Creating robust data structures and profound architecture on Java without a single-point failure to make your product run smooth and fast at all times.
  • Using the best framework and utilities to meet your business needs.
  • Offering the best value for your money. We have 30+ scalable instances for AWS in the portfolio, which is accounted for major AWS servers cost reductions due to efficient user-load distribution we’ve developed.
  • Writing clean, well-documented code, which complies with the standards of the programming languages.
  • Using SonarQube and regular static analysis to review and analyze the code.
  • Scrutinizing each and every file and operation to minimize potential risks and failures.
  • Ensuring the code is 100% error-free through unit tests.

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Back-end development services come as part of our integral custom software development services, through our programmers are always available for collaboration on a single stage of your product development.

We’ll sit down and work out the best solution to solve your business needs, transform them into an action plan of technical requirements and offer the best architecture to power up this particular solution.

The key priorities for us are security, correctness, performance and the application’s long-term evolution.

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Our development team will make sure your product functions exactly the way you have imagined. No bugs, no fails, no clumsy code or weird operations. We pick the programming language to speak carefully and ensure timely server responses along with the overall sustainable architecture.

Whether you need a complex distributed system or a simple back-end to power-up a specific feature, we can help you!

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