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DevOps Solutions

In a DevOps environment, you have one integrated team responsible for delivering new features and maintaining stability. You can expose any potential problems faster due to the combination of the shared codebase, automated deploys, and test-driven techniques. Changes sets are smaller, making the problems less complex and the resolution times faster. No more product Ping-Pong between the Dev and Ops team for troubleshooting – that’s what we vouch for at Romexsoft. Outsource your DevOps today. Our dedicated development team is available for hire!

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DevOps stands for a secret weapon to getting more done with fewer people involved.

Here’s the deal: companies that are using DevOps services manage to:

  • Deploy code up to 30% more frequently with 50% fewer failures compared to those peers, who still prefer to work “the old way”.
  • Leverage the overall quality of software development by 63% and improve the quality of the produced code by 38%.

Now transfer those numbers to your budgets and calculate the potential ROI your business can yield by switching to DevOps as-a-service. Those should seem attractive. But wait, there’re even more benefits.


What exactly DevOps integration can do for your business:

  • Increase your production availability and reduce the costs of sustaining an effective work environment.
  • Let your programmers stay focused on code and product logic, rather than builds, server configurations and environments they work with.
  • Establish a better managerial and operations culture, an advantageous product delivery roadmap.
  • Improve your team’s flexibility and allow you to make new changes within a few minutes, rather than months.
  • Eliminate the human error factor and any related issues.

Outsource DevOps company

Did you know that an Agile DevOps company can make up to 8,000 changes before their slower competitors can deploy a single change?

  • Preferable system architecture diagrams including a description of major software blocks
  • Preliminary/prototype database schema

At Romexsoft we practice the agile approach to software development, allowing our compact teams to build enterprise-level, high-delivery products with fewer people involved and fewer hours billed. We offer our customers to experience the same benefits with our AWS DevOps Advisory Service.

Learn how you can manage your investments smarter, gain more value from your existing assets and use your existing resources wiser by outsourcing your AWS DevOps professional.

We have two options for you to get started with DevOps as-a-service and leverage your organization’s capabilities today!

DevOps Implementation Consulting

Ready to start the dialog between your development and operations team, but not sure, which steps to make first? Our consulting services help you to:

  • Identify the best DevOps model and toolchain for your business needs and ultimate goals.
  • Develop the definitive services blueprint along with a step-by-step roadmap for in-house implementation.
  • Optimize your existing IT structure and resource usage.
  • Meet your goals faster, with fewer errors and less investment involved.

DevOps Services Integration

Stop wasting your funds and efforts on non-scalable tasks. We’ll develop a custom environment that will grow with your company and bring you tangible benefits without further cash injections.

  • Impeccable, stable software architecture is prone to any disaster.
  • Clean, compliable environment, which is easy to maintain and support.
  • The powerful shift to continuous integration & deployment.

You bring the code – We create the tools to manage, deploy and collaborate more efficiently

Our software development services kick off with the research and analysis stage. This is the critical leg as the main goal here is to ensure that expectations from both sides are discussed and documented.

Our collect requirement process includes:

  • Your time-to-market shrinks.
  • Your teams need to solve less complex problems and keep a razor-sharp focus on what they do best.
  • You can have it both – stability and new features integration simultaneously.

Our AWS DevOps engineers have the following skills and experiences:

  • Creating a robust software automation environment for builds and continuous integration & deployment.
  • Regular security audits of networks, environments, and applications.
  • Automated configuration management of different environments e.g. production, sandbox and more.
  • Load balancing, automation scaling, and automation failover solutions.
  • Using disaster-free and recovery automated approaches.
  • Real-time Software and Hardware monitoring with alert systems.

Opting to partner with our dedicated development team stands for a more stable infrastructure and services delivery so that you don’t have to worry about managing servers or spending time on additional coding.
Planning your app and collaborating with others gets a million times easier. As you know: less time spent on the secondary process – more money left in your budgets.

Our DevOps tools and apps:

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