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The Beginners Guide to Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Today, cloud backup files are the second most popular use data solutions, following right after file storage. As the world moves closer and closer to…

by Ivan Shulak

What are the Best Practices for AWS Disaster Recovery Planning?

Nobody can be 100% sure that their workloads are completely protected, even the master of the cloud computing, the AWS. In 2017, S3, the Amazon…

by Ostap Demkovych
A detailed guide from AWS IT specialists

Step-By-Step Guide to Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan with AWS

Learn how to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to mitigate downtime and ensure business continuity. A detailed guide from AWS IT specialists. Did you…

by Ostap Demkovych
disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery Plan: How to Ensure Business Continuity

In 1990, the unthinkable happened. AT& T, the most lauded and dependable phone system, went “dead.” It began with a piece of bad code that…

by Serhiy Kozlov