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How to Build a Perfectly Secure Fintech Application

build a perfectly secure apps

Learn how to develop a secure fintech application - key technologies, security vulnerabilities, risk mitigation strategies outlined.

How to Make a Secure Mobile Banking App?

Secure Mobile Banking App

    While building mobile banking apps companies very often face the following challenges:
  • How to build a secure app?
  • How to make the app attractive and good selling?
  • How to make the app helpful and convenient on the go?
  • How to stand out of the competition but at the same time not to exceed the budget?
The answers to these and other questions on the latest security issues and the widely used technologies to protect your mobile banking app against the most common vulnerabilities you will find in this blog.

7 min read

Take Advantage Of Scaling Your Fintech App – Read These 10 Tips

Get to know the most effective Fintech application scalability techniques from an experienced software development team.

15 min read

Bridging the Gap: 21 Useful Integrations for Your Fintech Product

overview of APIs in fintech

Product owners, here’s your comprehensive overview of the best APIs in fintech to deliver seamless and streamlined customer experience.

10 min read

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Fintech

Get to know the practical applications of blockchain technology in fintech outside of bitcoin.

8 min read

Top 7 Fintech Trends You Should Adopt in 2018

Top 7 Fintech Trends

Digital-only banking, better CX using big data, ICOs, chatbots - learn what 2018 has in store for fintech companies based on the insights from our team.

How to Deliver Mobile Digital Bank Like Monzo, Only Better?

Mobile Digital Bank Development

Up to 48% of consumers will choose a digital-only banking solution due to superior experience. Learn how to build it based on the expert advice from fintech developers.

8 min read

The Ultimate Guide To Credit Card Fraud Detection in Banking

Discover the benefits of implementing a fraud detection system (apart from catching the fraud) with insights how to build such system.

How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Java and Apache Spark

How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection

Learn how to build a robust credit card fraud detection algorithm in Java using Apache Spark and achieve 98.2% AUC rate.

Tech Expertise to Consider for a Fintech Startup

The ultimate technology stack for a fintech startup – back-end, front-end and APIs provided with additional commentary from developers.