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build a perfectly secure apps

How to Build a Perfectly Secure Fintech Application

While financial services technology is certainly disrupting traditional banks, investment firms, and even insurance companies, there is something that traditional institutions have more than fintech…

by Ivan Shulak
Web Based Medical Billing Software for Hospitals

How to Develop Web Based Medical Billing Software for Hospitals?

Health professionals agree on one thing: billing information must be clear, precise, and accurate for medical providers, insurance companies, and patients. If the billing system…

by Yura Bondarenko
Web Application Performance

How to Increase The Scalability of a Web Application

Time is money. That's a worn-out expression by now. But think how this influences your product success, especially when it comes to web-based applications. The…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Technical Guide to Meet HIPAA Compliance

The A to Z Technical Guide to Meet HIPAA Compliance

Our world has completely changed after the first computer was presented. IT solutions penetrated every aspect of our lives and altered them forever. With computers…

by Yura Bondarenko
Cheat Sheet On BDD Test Automation

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On BDD Test Automation with Serenity

Let’s run through the basics to clearly understand how it works and how to run and debug your tests. What is BDD test? It’s behavior-driven…

by Stanislav Kostiuk
Automate Healthcare

How to Automate Health Insurance Claim Management

Healthcare providers and patients have benefited from great disruptions in technology. EMR/EHR (electronic medical and health records) are allowing multiple providers access to the total…

by Yura Bondarenko
Security and Privacy Solutions in EHR Development

Security and Privacy Solutions in EHR Development

Healthcare data breaches cost hospitals over $3.6 billion in 2017 and almost 90% of hospitals have reported a data breach in the past two years…

by Yura Bondarenko
Fintech Application

Take Advantage Of Scaling Your Fintech App – Read These 10 Tips

The fintech market has largely involved in the past few years. Consumer demand and awareness are on the rise. Funding for Fintech companies is ripe.…

by Ivan Shulak
migrate to Java 9

How to Migrate to Java 9? It’s Easy if You Do It Smart

Since 1995, Java has been constantly evolving and became one of the most used programming languages in the world. And in 2017, the 9th major…

by Yura Bondarenko
overview of APIs in fintech

Bridging the Gap: 21 Useful Integrations for Your Fintech Product

A weary traveler has arrived at the airport in his hometown. He pulls out his phone and orders a Lyft, which picks him up in…

by Nataliia