Fintech Application

Take Advantage Of Scaling Your Fintech App – Read These 10 Tips

The fintech market has largely involved in the past few years. The consumer demand and awareness is on the rise. Funding for Fintech companies is…

by Michael
migrate to Java 9

How to Migrate to Java 9? It’s Easy if You Do It Smart

Since 1995, Java has been constantly evolving and became one of the most used programming languages in the world. And in 2017, the 9th major…

by Yura

How to Automate Health Insurance Claim Management

Healthcare providers and patients have benefited from great disruptions in technology. EMR/EHR (electronic medical and health records) are allowing multiple providers access to the total…

by Halyna
overview of APIs in fintech

Bridging the Gap: 21 Useful Integrations for Your Fintech Product

A weary traveler has arrived at the airport in his hometown. He pulls out his phone and orders a Lyft, which picks him up in…

by Nataliia
Warehouse Automation

How Transportation Business Can Benefit from Warehouse Automation

Have you ever thought about where your goods are coming from when you’re out grocery shopping? Or when you’re placing an online order? Better yet,…

by romexsoft
Security and Privacy Solutions in EHR Development

Security and Privacy Solutions in EHR Development

Healthcare data breaches cost hospitals over $3.6 billion in 2017 and almost 90% of hospitals have reported a data breach in the past two years…

by Halyna
Mobile Digital Bank Development

How to Deliver Mobile Digital Bank Like Monzo, Only Better?

Disruption. That’s the buzzword for what technology has done to every sector of the economy – media, healthcare, transportation etc. And one area of big…

by Michael
EHR systems

EHR systems – Natural Language Processing in Healthcare: Is It Worth Implementing?

Adoption of EHR systems has already proven to beneficial for the patients. Up to 65% of physicians have stated that the new system has lead…

by Halyna
product backlog management

How to Do Product Backlog Management Using Jira Software: Our Experience

Maybe it’s a fintech app using data analytics to deliver more personalized options for the customers. The product owners know what they want that app…

by Olena
5 Intriguing Ways to Use Data Science for Better Marketing

5 Intriguing Ways to Better Marketing Using Big Data

Marketing is the art and science of leading a potential customer to become an actual one. From the “hawkers” in Medieval marketplaces to the latest…

by Nataliia