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The Best 10 Tools For AWS Monitoring And Optimization

The Best 10 Tools For AWS Monitoring And Optimization

Application owners know from experience that they need to launch lots of tools and services to bring a single product to the market. Sometimes, it…

What are Microservices? Microservices Examples

Developers use microservices to build scalable and functional applications piece by piece. Such architectures help deliver a more complex app structure without trying to create…

How to Choose the Right AWS Partner to Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure

AWS Partner to Manage Cloud Infrastructure

    While looking for a potential AWS partner, many companies face the following challenges:
  • How to choose the right AWS Partner?
  • What is AWS Partnership Network?
  • How to find an AWS-certified partner that possesses the expertise I need?
    This blog will help you get a better understanding of AWS Partner Network, AWS partnership types, and questions you should ask before you make a decision on what company to cooperate with.
    Start working with an AWS partner and forget about the operational overhead!

Amazon Polly – Text-to-Speech

Amazon Polly - Romexsoft

Amazon Polly is one of the newer add-ons to the AWS cloud services portfolio. Originally, launched in 2016, this Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool recently received a…

Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services 

AWS Cloud Migration Tools

    Do you want to migrate to AWS but don’t know which tools to use to do this?
    This blog will help you learn:
  • Benefits of cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud migration steps
  • Pros of AWS cloud
  • AWS migration tools and services that ensure a successful migration
    AWS is the leader among cloud service providers, offering 200+ services that guarantee automatic scaling, improved business continuity, decreased TCO, and high security.

AWS HIPAA Compliance: Best Practices Checklist

AWS HIPAA Compliance

The healthcare industry is facing a new evolutionary wave of digital IT technologies that usher in a new era of global computing. In the previous…

AWS: Overview of Security Processes Whitepaper

AWS overview of security processes

 AWS Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, data centers and network architecture security standards are paramount and can hardly rival…

What is AWS DevOps?

What is DevOps? Romexsoft

To get a better grasp of what is DevOps, let’s take a look at some ‘cultural’ underpinnings fostering the creation of this new IT movement,…

DevOps Team Structure and Best Practice

DevOps Team Structure and Best Practice

    Do you want to know what DevOps structure will work for your business and what will not?
    Here you can read about the benefits of each DevOps structure pattern and get some insights on their peculiarities and efficiency.
    The things you should by all means take into consideration are your company’s size, structure, and business needs.

The Definitive Benefits of AWS Cloud Adoption

Benefits of AWS Cloud

This article is covering two fundamental topics:

  • What are the benefits of AWS cloud adoption for business owners?
  • What are the benefits of AWS cloud itself?