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What is Serverless?

What is Serverless? Serverless Computing Explained

Garden owners’ biggest delight is to enjoy the beauty of nature. Most likely, they don’t want to worry about endless manual work, buying more and…

by Ivan Shulak
Managed IT Support

In-House vs. Managed IT Support: How to Capture The Most Benefits

The bar for IT support is already high. New-gen startups have made the exceptional digital customer experience their central selling point, challenging more traditional companies…

by Nataliya Saturska
A detailed guide from AWS IT specialists

Step-By-Step Guide to Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan with AWS

Learn how to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to mitigate downtime and ensure business continuity. A detailed guide from AWS IT specialists. Did you…

by Ostap Demkovych
disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery Plan: How to Ensure Business Continuity

In 1990, the unthinkable happened. AT& T, the most lauded and dependable phone system, went “dead.” It began with a piece of bad code that…

by Serhiy Kozlov
What is Serverless?

Why Companies are Choosing to Outsource Their NOC

IT Outsourcing. It's a "thing." And it's proving to be highly advantageous to businesses that need access to a variety of top talent sans the…

by Ivan Shulak
IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools in 2019

Get to know the best tools for IT infrastructure monitoring, including network, server, and application performance. Learn about the exact implementation benefits of such solutions.…

by Ivan Shulak
Service Desk Automation

Service Desk Automation: 7 Benefits and 6 Processes To Start Automating Today

Do you know how much your end-user support costs? If we take Desktop IT support alone, Level 1 support costs businesses on average $22 and…

by Nataliya Saturska
Proactive IT Infrastructure Monitoring

How Proactive IT Infrastructure Monitoring Can Ramp Up Your Business Capabilities

It’s a common scenario. The IT team is backlogged with incidents that must be resolved, eating up time and taking focus from other important tasks.…

by Nataliya Saturska

5 Ways to Reduce Downtime with IT Proactive Maintenance

If you happen to be up in the middle of the night, and you decide to pay your bills or check your bank balance, chances…

by Nataliya Saturska