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5 Intriguing Ways to Use Data Science for Better Marketing

5 Intriguing Ways to Better Marketing Using Big Data

Marketing is the art and science of leading a potential customer to become an actual one. From the “hawkers” in Medieval marketplaces to the latest…

by Ostap Demkovych
Human Resources

7 Key Features Your HR Software Must Have In 2017

HR departments are facing new challenges this year. Millennials now comprise the majority of the workforce and keep re-defining the employment norms and company’s cultures.…

by romexsoft
Quora For Lead Generation

How We Use Quora For Lead Generation and Marketing Software Services

Quora is a big deal these days. You’ve heard the buzz - it can bring massive traffic to your corporate blog, leverage your authority in…

by Valentyna
Job Burnout

Job Burnout: How To Spot It And Take Action

In this article I’d like to focus on software development ninjas and, perhaps, debunk the ancient stereotype about them. Most people perceive IT guys as…

by romexsoft