When and Why Java is Suitable for Your Application

Did you know that around 4 million people are active on Slack per day? Undoubtedly, it’s a robust cloud app - fast, secure, scalable and…

by Serhiy
Mobile Digital Bank Development

How to Deliver Mobile Digital Bank Like Monzo, Only Better?

Disruption. That’s the buzzword for what technology has done to every sector of the economy – media, healthcare, transportation etc. And one area of big…

by Michael
product backlog management

How to Do Product Backlog Management Using Jira Software: Our Experience

Maybe it’s a fintech app using data analytics to deliver more personalized options for the customers. The product owners know what they want that app…

by Olena
performance management system

Transforming the Educational System Through Technology: Big Idea, Challenges, and Things to Do

Edtech – the promising combo of information technology and education – is getting traction all over the world. Performance management system is getting must have.…

by Nataliia

4 Features Portfolio Risk Management Software Should Include

Hurricanes, floods, revolutions, terrorist attacks. These are uncontrollable events that impact the stock market in ways that cannot be anticipated. Depending upon the aftermath, oil…

by Michael

6 Best Practices to Maximize Knowledge Sharing while Offshore Outsourcing

Technology has allowed wonderful things. We can communicate the world over. We can conduct research to find any product or service we want, no matter…

by Halyna

Streamline Your ERP Development Using The Right Technologies

When you began your business, it was small and simple. Yet, over time it has scaled. And as this has occurred, you added the new…

by Serhiy

How to Build a Perfectly Secure Fintech Application

While financial services technology is certainly disrupting traditional banks, investment firms, and even insurance companies, there is something that traditional institutions have more capacity in…

by Michael

How to Prepare a List of Requirements for Your Product

When Bill Gates developed Microsoft, he had an idea of what he wanted each component of the software to do. Let’s just take “Word” as…

by Halyna

6 Critical CRM Features to Increase Customer Loyalty

“The customer is always right.” That used to be the slogan of B2C and B2B businesses for three-quarters of the last century, when shopping still…

by Nataliia