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How to Increase The Scalability of a Web Application

Web Application Performance

Learn the best practices to improve scalability of your web application from this quick guide.

Ecommerce Use Case: How Machine Learning Can Increase Profits

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Want to increase your sales? Here’s a detailed case study on how ecommerce companies can leverage profits with machine learning algorithms.

How to Do Product Backlog Management Using Jira Software: Our Experience

product backlog management

Learn how to organize a product backlog management process in JIRA to achieve maximum efficiency when outsourcing software development.

Transforming the Educational System Through Technology: Big Idea, Challenges, and Things to Do

performance management system

Grab insights on what it takes to build and launch an edtech product from this interview with founders of AcadaPlus, a school performance management system.

How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Java and Apache Spark

How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection

Learn how to build a robust credit card fraud detection algorithm in Java using Apache Spark and achieve 98.2% AUC rate.

Essential Guide to Making Your App Work Offline

offline applications for android

The process of making your mobile app work offline explained. Main steps, suitable technologies, and useful tips included.

How to Build a Useful Chatbot

How to Build a Useful Chatbot

Learn why it makes sense to leverage conversational design and develop a chatbot for your business.

How to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

Build Own Crowdfunding Platform

Get to know what it takes to build a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter - tech stack, features and payment integrations explained in this guide.

7 Tips To Develop a Web Based ERP System

ERP system development

Get to know the ins and outs of building a web-based ERP system for your enterprise. Development timeline, technology, and costs outlined.

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway Into a Website?

Payment Gateway Into a Website

Online payments are booming. Ready to do your business online? In this guide, you’ll learn the essentials about payment gateway integrations and processing.