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Web Application Performance

How to Increase The Scalability of a Web Application

Time is money. That's a worn-out expression by now. But think how this influences your product success, especially when it comes to web-based applications. The…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce Use Case: How Machine Learning Can Increase Profits

Ecommerce is becoming a very crowded space. Competing businesses can sell their products all over the planet, and getting a good piece of the marketplace…

by Ostap Demkovych
product backlog management

How to Do Product Backlog Management Using Jira Software: Our Experience

Maybe it’s a fintech app using data analytics to deliver more personalized options for the customers. The product owners know what they want that app…

by Serhiy Kozlov
performance management system

Transforming the Educational System Through Technology: Big Idea, Challenges, and Things to Do

Edtech – the promising combo of information technology and education – is getting traction all over the world. The performance management system is getting must-have.…

by Nataliia
How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection

How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Java and Apache Spark

According to Nilson Report from 2016, $21,84 billion was lost in the US due to all sorts of credit card fraud. On the worldwide scale,…

by Ostap Demkovych
offline applications for android

Essential Guide to Making Your App Work Offline

With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, most part of people has high-powered mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times. There are more…

by Yura Bondarenko
How to Build a Useful Chatbot

How to Build a Useful Chatbot

Anyone who wonders what’s all the “hype” about chat robots only needs to experience Siri once. This is the Apple iPhone personal assistant who will…

by Nataliia
Build Own Crowdfunding Platform

How to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

Traditionally, getting a business financed was a matter of asking a few investors for capital. In return, these investors were either given a return on…

by Nataliia
ERP system development

7 Tips To Develop a Web Based ERP System

One of your sales staff is excited. He has just made a huge sale. Unfortunately, when he submitted the order for processing, he was informed…

by Serhiy Kozlov
Payment Gateway Into a Website

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway Into a Website?

Back in the old days merchants traveled long miles to purchase exquisite goodies and deliver those to the buyers and make profits. Caravans used to…

by Serhiy Kozlov