Benefits of AWS Cloud

The Definitive Benefits of AWS Cloud Adoption

Migrating to the cloud. It's on the minds of all businesses, large and small. Many companies have already moved their infrastructure and applications to the…

by Ivan
Fintech Application

Take Advantage Of Scaling Your Fintech App – Read These 10 Tips

The fintech market has largely involved in the past few years. The consumer demand and awareness is on the rise. Funding for Fintech companies is…

by Michael
SaaStr Annual

SaaStr Annual 2018 Review: Key Takeaways and Ideas Worth Spreading

One of the signs that the New Year is here is that our team's calendars get all filled up with new industry events. We are…

by Nataliia
performance management system

Transforming the Educational System Through Technology: Big Idea, Challenges, and Things to Do

Edtech – the promising combo of information technology and education – is getting traction all over the world. Performance management system is getting must have.…

by Nataliia
build a perfectly secure apps

How to Build a Perfectly Secure Fintech Application

While financial services technology is certainly disrupting traditional banks, investment firms, and even insurance companies, there is something that traditional institutions have more capacity in…

by Michael

Tech Expertise to Consider for a Fintech Startup

In 1866, Giovanni Caselli invented the pantelegraph, the machine that would transmit images, not just words, by telegraph. It was used for a financial transaction…

by Nataliia
Outsourcing Software Development for Startups

Outsourcing Software Development for Startups: Should or Shouldn’t?

Every startup hits the wall at some point. They are two-three years into their business, are scaling nicely, and have enough seed funding to move…

by Serhiy
Blockchain Technology in Fintech

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Fintech

Fintech industry is disrupting numerous markets. Yet, blockchain remains one of the most buzzed terms for the industry for the past three years in a row.…

by Michael

Top 5 Startup Trends For 2017

A 19-year old student, Boyan Slat, recently invented a device that will clean up ocean garbage, primarily plastic, that threatens all forms of ocean life.…

by Nataliia
Build Own Crowdfunding Platform

How to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Platform

Traditionally, getting a business financed was a matter of asking a few investors for capital. In return, these investors were either given a return on…

by Nataliia