How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection

Case Study: How to Implement Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Java and Apache Spark

According to Nilson Report from 2016, $21,84 billion was lost in the US due to all sorts of credit card fraud. On the worldwide scale,…

by Taras
Comparison of Big Data Frameworks

Fight of Titans or Comparison of Big Data Frameworks: Spark vs. Hadoop

Before we go into the tech nitty gritty - here’s one interesting story for you. In Ashburn, Virginia there sits a scientific research facility called…

by romexsoft

Tech Expertise to Consider for a Fintech Startup

In 1866, Giovanni Caselli invented the pantelegraph, the machine that would transmit images, not just words, by telegraph. It was used for a financial transaction…

by Nataliia

Essential Guide to Making Your App Work Offline

With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, most part of people has high-powered mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times. There are more…

by romexsoft
Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce Use Case: How Machine Learning Can Increase Profits

Ecommerce is becoming a very crowded space. Competing businesses can sell their products all over the planet, and getting a good piece of the marketplace…

by Taras
top javascript frameworks

Comparison of JS Frameworks: Angular.js vs React.js vs Ember.js

Top JavaScript Frameworks: Finally, you’ve come to a marvelous idea for a JavaScript-based application or a website. Choosing the right framework may have a considerable…

by Serhiy
Automation Testing

Advantages of Automation Testing and Why Your Company Should Use It

Our product was build without a single bug in beta-version….said no Product Owner ever. The truth is – no matter how professional and experienced your…

by Serhiy
Flyway Database Migration

Flyway: DB Migration In Continuous Integration Process

When talking about source code migration, everything is simple. Our team uses Git, Maven and Jenkins to deliver the code on the production server. But…

by Ivan
Outsourced Software Testing Services strategy

Defining the Right Testing Strategy

It all starts with the strategy The Software Development Cycle for any project needs to be viewed holistically, as a whole, encompassing every step from…

by Halyna
Optimal Is Not The Best

Optimal Is Not The Best

As an example I will discuss a real life use case when we need to select some amount of latest news (let’s say 25 news)…

by Ivan