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TIM is an ad serving platform, offering advertisers and publishers a variety of robust tools to maximize revenues, increase ad ROI and eliminate budget waste – powered by innovative tech solutions and granular data analytics. TIM is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies including Nissan, McDonalds, AT&T, Danone, Disqus and other well-known tech and product brands.



Tel-Aviv, Israel


Marketing & advertising


4 people


June 2018 – Present


As an industry leader and a trusted ad partner for a growing cohort of clients, TIM Media needed to maintain a high SLA and proactively prevent downtime. The company needed to set up 24/7 infrastructure monitoring immediately (as they didn’t have any solution at all), but could not allocate in-house resources towards this project.

Moreover, their IT environment was not compatible with the standard vendor solutions such as New Relic. Hence, they were searching for an alternative configurable monitoring solution, custom-tailored to match their unique business needs.

Romexsoft team was hired to help TIM Media set up the optimal infrastructure monitoring environment, and support it round-the-clock.

Business Application Software
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Business Software Solution

To help TIM reach their goal, Romexsoft first conducted a detailed assessment and inventorization of their current systems, and then stepped in as a Managed IT Services partner.

Our team set up a custom OS performance monitoring solution to enable deeper insights into CPU, RAM, Networking and Relational Databases performance. Zabbix – a robust, enterprise-grade, open source IT monitoring tool – was chosen as the main solution and configured it to match the client’s environment and needs.

Monitoring Metrics Enabled

  • OS performance monitoring
  • Logs monitoring
  • Web monitoring
  • JVM monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Cluster performance analysis
  • PHP application monitoring
  • Overall infrastructure health status
  • Redis Monitoring (no SQL in-memory database)
  • Relational database systems, MemSQL monitoring

Romexsoft was also selected to offer Tier 1 support services for the company’s cloud infrastructure – hosted on AWS, and partially on Google Cloud. As our tech support team demonstrated great skills and expertise, the client further extended their trust and delegated us the global system configuration rights. Our specialists now seamlessly work in the background, and fine-tune the systems 24/7 without constantly requesting access permissions or over-communicating their actions.

Yet, TIM Media team always stays in the loop. We have integrated a custom multi-level alert system that dispatches updates through different services depending on the incidents priority levels. The setup includes communication through Slack, Pagerduty, Mail and Jira Service desk. On a regular basis, the client also receives detailed findings reports with hands-on advice on how to increase their infrastructure efficiency even further. Beyond that, our team regularly schedules an infrastructure configuration analysis to ensure that all cogs run as they should.

To further bulletproof TIM’s systems and prevent downtime, Romexsoft team introduced an automated disaster recovery process. TIM Media now has a greater piece of mind when it comes to SLA levels and can focus on developing their core business further, while our support team handles the daily housekeeping tasks.


What Our Clients Say

Fantastic work!! I really appreciated the communication with the staff, they were constantly taking our feedback into consideration and released wonderful updates.

Joseph Narai, Transmedia Technology

Partnership and Membership



ZAXID.NET is the first analytical online news portal in Lviv, Ukraine. It mainly provides Lviv and regional news by giving expert opinions and laying the ground for discussion. Except the main news, texts, blogs, it also has a distinct feature – zaxid.net TV, which is a video section that provides news streaming.

TIM Media

TIM is an ad serving platform, offering advertisers and publishers a variety of robust tools to maximize revenues, increase ad ROI and eliminate budget waste – powered by innovative tech solutions and granular data analytics. TIM is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies including Nissan, McDonalds, AT&T, Danone, Disqus and other well-known tech and product brands.


SavvyMoney is an online tool that provides users with a free access to their credit score, explains factors impacting it and gives suggestions how it can be improved. The aim of the company is to empower the control of financial health with easy understandable advice about credits and debts, help monitor the credit score according to the interest rates and provide users with more economic options.

Open Market

OpenMarket is an enterprise web application for managing advertisements on radio stations and creating advertising network on radio broadcast.


News Maker is a high-performance news and media production system designed for TV and radio stations. The unique broadcast workflow automation implemented in the system works for those companies that need file-based content production system. This software was customly designed for internal use by our partner – 24 TV channel.

Home HealthCare Therapy

Home HealthCare Therapy provides software solutions for home therapy staffing companies and therapists contracting with home health agencies. It handles all business and clinical aspects of home health therapy allowing contracting providers to receive patient referrals for medical social work, physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Our Services

AWS Managed Cloud Services

Romexsoft offers a diverse range of AWS managed services including cost optimization, availability and scalability services, managed security, managed configuration, 24×7 technical support, disaster recovery on AWS.

AWS Cloud Services

For most business being online and being able to ensure that all systems operate smoothly 24/7 is an incremental part of success. Slightest downtime and unaccounted glitches immediately translate to profit and opportunity losses.

24x7 DevOps Support

Grow your core business, and we’ll ensure your IT infrastructure keeps up the pace.

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Our AWS-certified devops build, automate, containerize, migrate, secure, optimize, make compliant — and create harmony.

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Bulletproof Java Software built by Oracle Certified Specialists.

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Romexsoft’s Test Automation Suite build on top of modern open source frameworks, technologies, tools, libraries, and components.

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