Software QA/QC and Testing

Our QA/QC services use a smart combination of automated and manual approaches. We ensure your final product is smooth and runs without a single hiccup.

Increase your testing capacity

Our company offers software product quality control services as part of our larger custom software development package and as an individual, post-development solution. Having a dedicated outsource partner for QA services frees up your in-house engineers and cuts down your spendings on training and tools. With over 100 successful projects in portfolio and a special love for high-load/high-performance applications, we have developed a know-how catering to meet any type of testing needs. Get in touch with our remote team for hire and we’ll help you decide upon the most flexible and cost-effective delivery model for your QA needs.

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Practice TDD and BDD Approaches

We vouch for and actively practice TDD and BDD approaches.

Automated Testing

We are huge fans and adepts of automated testing.

Manual Testing

Yet manual testing services are still part of the deal, which includes giving a good testing drill to the product’s UX, design and usability.

Romexsoft offers the next software Quality Assurance services:

  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Load testing
  • Performance testing

Automated Testing

You don’t have enough time, stuff or budgets to manually test your product over and over again. In fact, the added costs of manual software testing shouldn’t be eating up your budgets. Our software test automation services offer an accelerated approach to functional testing – impeccable results reached with less budgets and time spent.

  • You eliminate the human error factor.
  • You no longer depend on quality assurance staff, who can quit anytime.
  • You can obtain a much larger test coverage.
  • You optimize your resources with less money spent on tools, training and wages.
  • You end up with a library of reusable test cases you can deploy any time.

Automated Testing

Manual Testing

Users need to learn how to use your product on their own. No matter how robust automated testing frameworks are they still lack the capability to imitate user behavior. You can’t expect where your user may enter a false value, fail to complete certain steps or just feel puzzled with the proposed navigation. That’s exactly where manual testing enters the scene. As our goal is to deliver an intuitive, simple-to-use and attractive product, we use exploratory testing to test the outlined UX, UI and design prior to development. This allows us to discover untapped bottlenecks and bugs, automated test cases may miss out.