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Executive Summary

Our Customer

ECommerce Partners, Inc. is a full service e-commerce agency which offers a variety of custom solutions including strategy, implementation, support and marketing programs to their clients.

ECommerce Partners is a leading provider of full range of internet marketing, website design, support and e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses in various industries like customer goods, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, fitness, food, technology, jewellery, and more. ECommerce Partners helps such famous brands as Castro, Stage Store, C.O. Bigelow, DKNY Home, L’Oréal, Sargento, JCPenney to build and grow their business successfully.

The Customer is proud of “building the businesses, not just websites” as the company creates business strategies, builds websites, supports systems and marketing programs uniquely for the custom requirements of each client which allows their customers to increase the conversion rates, minimize operational costs and maximize online ROI.

The Obstacles They Faced

  • ECommerce Partners needed to provide an exceptional level of support and maintenance from the moment their customer’s website goes live, and ensuring that sites function well was a number one priority.
  • The company decided to ensure business continuity, increase efficiency and improve the performance of their customers’ multiple websites.

How We Helped

To support customer’s goals Romexsoft provides a set of managed services tailored for specific ECommerce Partners needs.
During the onboarding phase our DevOps team improved availability, scalability and performance of ECommerce Partners multiple websites hosted on AWS.
And then, during the ongoing phase Romexsoft provides 24/7 DevOps support services with 5 minutes SLA which is critical for our client and for e-commerce businesses generally.

The Challenge

ECommerce Partners needed assistance with multiple websites’ support, including regular maintenance tasks for existing servers on AWS and on other hostings, opening and configuration web servers (like Elastic Cache, Sphinx, Varnish, etc.), availability to handle downtime and other issues. Troubleshooting and DevOps support during after working hours, holidays and weekends was critical to the client.

The Solution

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services help businesses of all sizes scale and grow. A wide range of AWS cloud technology services enables customers’ businesses to stay reliable, scalable, secure, agile, cost-effective and innovative. AWS-certified partner, Romexsoft, delivers high expertise in managed services for AWS cloud infrastructures using Amazon EC2, VPC, IAM, Route53, CloudWatch and more, according to all best practices, which allow their customers to focus on the business goals and perspectives and be sure that all their infrastructures are up and running 24/7.

Solution Delivered by Romexsoft

To ensure business continuity and make all customer’s websites operate smoothly 24/7/365, Romexsoft implemented their 24/7 incidents management and DevOps support solution which included 100 incidents and 60 hours for DevOps tasks. The solution consisted of three phases that included discovery and planning, set up and transition and ongoing support.

Romexsoft did the expertise of customer’s current AWS environments and ensured that targeted infrastructures and workloads were covered with monitoring tools (Zabbix, CloudWatch + Grafana for consolidated data visualization), making the solution flexible and cost-effective, as well as ensured that alerting and incident management tools were working properly (by using PagerDuty and Jira ServiceDesk) and that all the escalation rules were properly configured.

Then Romexsoft started 24/7/365 Tier-2 DevOps support with their engineers working in rotation to provide day-to-day infrastructure management, troubleshooting and improvements within 5 to 15 minutes SLA including out-of-office hours and holidays.

Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for E-commerce Platform AWS Architecture Diagram

Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for E-commerce Platform AWS Architecture Diagram
AWS Architecture Diagram: Cost-effective Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for E-commerce Platform.

What We Achieved Together

Based on the effective solution implemented for ECommerce Partners, Romexsoft managed to enable the prevention of up to 70% of all the incidents that might lead to downtime. In the remaining cases incident investigation time was reduced from 60 to 10 minutes. Moreover, by configuring Jira ServiceDesk all the tasks and incidents were managed on time without causing any downtime for their clients’ websites. Customer’s infrastructure has become more secure and cost-effective while operating smoothly 24/7.

Next Steps

Being satisfied with the quality of work provided by Romexsoft, ECommerce Partners decided to continue the partnership and start working on migration of another website on PHP Magento MySQL stack from on-premises to AWS as well as implement CI/CD to automate the processes and reduce human errors in maintaining and troubleshooting. Romexsoft has already finished the investigation phase and is about to start the secure and effective lift-and-shift of this ecommerce website to Amazon Web Services.

Why Romexsoft

ECommerce Partners entrusted 24/7 DevOps support of their customers’ multiple websites to Romexsoft as it is a cloud and engineering services provider which could ensure rapid onboarding starting from the first day and provide infrastructure assessment reports within the first week due to their ready-made Next-Gen Monitoring Solution as well as ready to use 24/7 Alerting & Incident Management Tools (PagerDuty & Jira Service Desk) configuration. Having a number of AWS certified Cloud Architects, SysOps and DevOps engineers in the team, Romexsoft offers rapid start and stable pricing packages for 24/7 incident management and DevOps support services, which 90% of customers are willing to recommend.

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