Automation Testing Services

Increase testability and simplify release management with efficient automation testing approach.

Test Automation Services

Romexsoft’s Test Automation Suite build on top of modern open source frameworks, technologies, tools, libraries, and components. Key features:

  • run multiple tests on different browsers (chrome, firefox, safari)
  • supports multiple isolated execution environments on a single host
  • ensures efficient resource utilization

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Key Benefits of Our Automation Testing Approach

BDD Approach

Behavior Driven Development approach helps write crystal clear and more maintainable automated acceptance tests for regression testing.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Cost-effective flexible and scalable AWS cloud infrastructure. Highly available and secure infrastructure. No long-term commitment with pay-as-you-go model.

Test Reports

Rich and meaningful test reports generated as a single-page, self-contained HTML summary report, containing an overview of the test results, and breakdown of the tests statuses.

Simplified release management

Better planning, scheduling, and controlling of software builds across various environments including testing and deployment of software releases.

Parameterized Testing

Supports parameterized testing for multiple environments (for example staging, pre-prod, production)

Parallel Execution

Selenium Grid and Selenium HUB helps in running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, and machines in parallel. Automation tests are ran on different connected nodes.

Efficient Testing Approach

Testing is a very important aspect of development. Efficient testing approach should catch business-killing issues, simplify release management and increase testability of the whole system. Otherwise unaccounted glitches immediately translated to profit and opportunity losses.

Regression Tests

Regression tests are required to be executed repeatedly with every new release or even with every code commit. This is a very time consuming routine process for QA engineers, therefore regression tests are the perfect candidates for test automation.

Test Automation Solutions

To deliver better customer experience, more and more SaaS platforms establish their own Test Automation Solutions to automate manual work of their QA engineers and to speed up the entire development process.

How our Automation Testing Service can help your business?

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Our Test Automation Tools and Services

JAVA (Unit, Integration and Functional Tests)

As a Java focused software development company, Romexsoft uses Java extensively to automate these three major types of testing:

  • unit tests (jUnit or TestNG) to test particular code components to ensure that it works as expected
  • integration tests to check if the whole system works as expected across the system components like code, database, web servers, APIs, network access, etc
  • functional tests to test user flows and business scenarios. For instance testing of “User Login” flow or “User Account Registration” flow in Web Application are implemented using Selenium WebDriver library.


Cucumber is a set of software tools that supports BDD approach. We use Cucumber to specify software behaviors in a logical language that customers can understand using Gherkin (Given, When, Then) syntax.

Then the last three lines starting with Given, When and Then are the steps of our scenario. To implement the particular scenario we are using jUnit Framework.

  • Cucumber scenario outlines allow to prepare test users and test data by running separate suits on any test environment with a ‘clean’ database.
  • Cucumber data tables allow to explicitly specify what test values are used at any step and provide a possibility to change this data for testing techniques like Equivalence Partitioning or Boundary Value Analysis.

Serenity BDD Reporting Library

To produce rich and meaningful test reports we are using Serenity BDD reporting library. It helps write better structured, more maintainable automated acceptance criteria.

Serenity also produces illustrated, narrative reports that document and describe what your application does and how it works using the latest test results. It tells what requirements have been tested and what tests have been executed.

BDD (Behavior-Driven Development)

For better collaboration between developers, QA, non-technical, and business people we are using behavior-driven development (BDD) agile approach.

It encourages teams to communicate and use concrete examples to formalize a shared understanding of how the application should behave. For that purpose we are using Cucumber.

Tools We Use

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