News Maker is a high-performance news and media production system designed for TV and radio stations. The unique broadcast workflow automation implemented in the system works for those companies that need file-based content production system. This software was customly designed for internal use by our partner – 24 TV channel.



Lviv, Ukraine


Media & Entertainment


9 people


2 years


Media Company “TRK LUX” needed a tool that will combine all stages of media production from raw plot to final products by preparing content for live streaming and for all roles of news production process.

Besides content production cycle it should give an opportunity to manage news tickers, titers and short-term advertisement banners in one place both for TV and few affiliate websites.



We developed News Maker – a cutting-edge high-performance news and media production system for different types of users – journalists, editors, video designers, sound producers, voice-over and subtitle specialists, etc.

To simplify content production process Romexsoft developed a video workflow automation for a file-based content system (including automated content assembly). As a result, the system needed less manpower which led to cost-saving – 9 working places instead of 12 ones which included additional paperwork and the cost of phone calls.

Developing a custom media production system instead of buying a ready solution and improving its functionality helped save costs up to 90%.

To give an opportunity to manage news tickers, titers and short-term advertisement banners in one place we developed a customized solution based on integration with Playbox systems such as Airbox and TitleBox, which gave an opportunity to check the compliance of all ads both on TV and digital platforms.

By simplifying the common news making process we helped our client to accelerate product development time, reduce time to market and establish a consistent infrastructure to maintain news production.

Currently, around 280 employees create content and manage up to 300 online/TV shows simultaneously and manage ads without any data grind or loss.

Key features include:

  • news and media production for TV channels and radio stations;
  • news and media production for Web, SMART TV, Mobile and other digital platforms;
  • traffic and system optimization for big media files support;
  • messaging functionality;
  • content archive;
  • content search;
  • tag system;
  • real-time push notifications.


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