Open Market

OpenMarket is an enterprise web application for managing advertisements on radio stations and creating advertising network on radio broadcast.



Lviv, Ukraine


Media & Entertainment


4 people


1 year


The broadcasting company Media Company “TRK LUX” had a need in managing multiple radio streams in different cities, simplifying workflow and resolving the issues of people working with placing advertising orders, checking their compliance with legislative limitations and standards, monitoring the execution of tasks.

Main requirements:

  • Manage all the advertisements in one place;
  • Keep track of the orders and their time in the air;
  • Have a remote access to manage all radio streams.


In order to reach the goal Romexsoft developed OpenMarket web application which allows to manage these advertisements and control the broadcasting process on different radio stations. OpenMarket gives an opportunity to see all ads, schedule their timeline and mix their positions depending on the target audience.

OpenMarket gives an opportunity to process advertisements in mp3 and text scripts for radio DJs. Also, it is integrated with Sound Imperia software to help prepare all data for broadcasting and manage it on demand.

To reduce time spent on ad managing and provide fast performance Romexsoft developed full-text search, hit highlighting, and faceted search.

At the moment OpenMarket is used by 2 radio stations that have up to 50 regional substations providing an opportunity to process over 5000 ads per day.

As all radio stations’ and substations’ advertisement spaces are managed in one place two big pain points have been resolved:

  • Releasing of 2 competitive ads during one commercial break.
  • Selling one ad space to few clients by different managers.
  • This led to a reduction of critical user’s impact and maximum automation of everyday processes.

Key features include:

  • creating and managing ad campaigns;
  • filter based search system – Solr integration;
  • on-air advertisement grid;
  • scheduling system;
  • dashboards and reports with key data.


Partnership and Membership



ZAXID.NET is the first analytical online news portal in Lviv, Ukraine. It mainly provides Lviv and regional news by giving expert opinions and laying the ground for discussion. Except the main news, texts, blogs, it also has a distinct feature – TV, which is a video section that provides news streaming.

TIM Media

TIM is an ad serving platform, offering advertisers and publishers a variety of robust tools to maximize revenues, increase ad ROI and eliminate budget waste – powered by innovative tech solutions and granular data analytics. TIM is a trusted partner of Fortune 500 companies including Nissan, McDonalds, AT&T, Danone, Disqus and other well-known tech and product brands.


SavvyMoney is an online tool that provides users with a free access to their credit score, explains factors impacting it and gives suggestions how it can be improved. The aim of the company is to empower the control of financial health with easy understandable advice about credits and debts, help monitor the credit score according to the interest rates and provide users with more economic options.

Open Market

OpenMarket is an enterprise web application for managing advertisements on radio stations and creating advertising network on radio broadcast.


News Maker is a high-performance news and media production system designed for TV and radio stations. The unique broadcast workflow automation implemented in the system works for those companies that need file-based content production system. This software was customly designed for internal use by our partner – 24 TV channel.

Home HealthCare Therapy

Home HealthCare Therapy provides software solutions for home therapy staffing companies and therapists contracting with home health agencies. It handles all business and clinical aspects of home health therapy allowing contracting providers to receive patient referrals for medical social work, physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

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