6 Ukrainian Startups Exhibiting At Collision Web Summit 2015 In Las Vegas

We propose you to take a look at some of the emerging Ukrainian startup scene exhibited at Collision Web Summit 2015.

Driven by local talent, startup scene in Ukraine is rising every year to a number of successful startups which already market their product globally like Grammarly or Petcube, yet new dynamic and exciting companies strive in this tough world of tech entrepreneurs to expose themselves and capture international attention.

We were very excited to visit one of the best tech conferences – Collision – and to be alongside successful Dropbox, Stribe and Uber. It is the place to be for bright tech companies and to learn from the giants through workshops and talks.

Collision Web summit 2015 in Las Vegas is a so-called mecca for startup founders and entrepreneurs, dubbed as a “Davos for geeks” and a “grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests, who came from all over the world”.

It’s been 4 years since the first Web Summit kicked off in Dublin, and shortly became the largest tech event in Europe attracting more than 20000 attendees including founders, investors, consultants and representatives of prominent tech companies from across the globe.

Collision is a sister event in North America, and its second edition took place on 5-6 of May in World Market Center, Las Vegas, becoming a meeting point of European and American businesses, which definitely is a powerful platform for innovative startups. Either you are planning to expand your market idea in the North America or establish a headquarters there, find investments and of course, do the networking as much as you can.

Besides the inspiring talks by prominent tech guru, Web Summit provides support to a startup in the number of programs – such as START and COLLIDE, a program for early stage startup selected every week before the event which has possibility to exhibit free as part of Collide Program.

It’s an honor for 6 Ukrainian startups to be selected for Collision as they constitute a part of 1200 startups exhibiting at the event who passed the selection process and gain the opportunity to say a word to the world of tech. Let’s take a look at the lucky ones:


Description: The set of interconnected online landing pages aimed to bring new clients to official auto dealers, financial and insurance companies. Finova checks for the best offers online and passes this information to their clients via concierge service, therefore client spends less time on search and purchase.

Car service that helps you save on your car maintenance, keep an eye on your driving behavior and get desirable auto-offers.

Industry sector: Enterprise

Founded: 2014

One-liner: Smart automobile offers.


Description: PriNum is an innovator of financial and other add-value mobile services on the Ukrainian market. The company successfully combines international experience with local knowledge and competent analysis of the needs of both individual service providers – banks, mobile operators, transport companies, retailers, etc., – and entire ecosystems, based on the use of mobile applications as a part of the mobile wallet (mWallet). The platform offers payments, loyalty, transport, ID services with social niche work functionality that supports exchange/conversion of assets, data collection and scoring capability.

Industry sector: Enterprise

Founded: 2013

One-liner: Mapping mobile wallet services future in a niche social network for value creation and exchange.


Description: One of the inspiring guys we met at Collision, they developed a product which is a mix between the social network and search engine system allowing you to customize your search, systematize or exchange the information build on human brain neuron principle.

Industry sector: Big Data

Founded: 2008

One-liner: LivaRava is a universal tool for searching and managing knowledge, the system establishes links among all types of information from various services and is adjustable for personal needs of customers.


Description: Open source highly reliable, flexible and scalable support ticketing system to meet unique business requirements and follow custom enterprise logic. Customer support software based on modern technologies (PHP5, Symfony2) for easy customizations of the help-desk.

Industry sector: Enterprise

Founded: 2014

One-liner: An easy-to-use, open source support ticketing system and customer service solution powered by Eltrino.


Description: ThickButtons is a touchscreen keyboard for smartphones. Its patented technology allows users to type more accurately by finding the way to enlarge the buttons for the users. While other keyboards make users learn new input methods, ThickButtons™ adjusts to user habits, by improving the traditional multi-touch input method. The technology is much less dependent on automatic spelling correction algorithms and is much more effective.

Industry sector: Developers

Founded: 2008

One-liner: Convenient text input for touchscreen smartphones.


Description: MageCloud is a PaaS product that will allow you to build a Magento store in 3 minutes. Get Magento installed to a dedicated Amazon EC2 with a default or a custom theme + add other extensions with our 1-click-install tool. Get full access to the store (SSH, SFTP) for any custom modifications.

Industry: E-commerce

Founded: 2014

One-liner: MageCloud is a PaaS to build open source eCommerce store.

The material about Ukrainian startups is based on companies’ profiles from the Collision Web Summit website.

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