Software Blogs All Cool Kids Are Reading This Year

Best software blogs to add to your reader for unique industry analysis, insights, leadership pieces and practical tips of course!
All Cool Kids

Ever wondered what everyone else in the industry is reading? Well…

  • We have 14 software blogs and authors we particularly admire.
  • A good half of them are also published authors and keynote speakers.
  • And leading industry thought leaders, educators as pretty much any chosen of post from the least will teach you a good thing or two and incredibly talented pros we admire.

So, who are those awesome fellows?

Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood, the man behind the techy, witty and empowering words on the blog, is also one of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange Network co-founders. His blog, up and running since 2004, is a positively bizarre mix of hardware/software tutorials, entrepreneurial adventures and markdown evangelism, along with curious perspectives on VR, gender equality in tech and even online trolling.

Jeff doesn’t publish tons of materials, which makes each of his next posts even more anticipated.

Martin Fowler

As Martin prefers to self-introduce himself on the blog: “I am an author, speaker… essentially a loud-mouthed pundit on the topic of software development.” Now British self-irony aside, Martin has been working in the industry for decades and was the first one to introduce code refactoring practice and the now popular Presentation Model (PM).

On the blog, you can find a ton of great materials about object-oriented analysis and design, UML and agile software development (we are on team Martin with the latter!).

P.S. If you ever get a chance to attend Martin’s speaking gig, don’t miss it!

PM Hut

Project Management Hut is a project management hub (pun intended) with a huge archive of guides, practicalities,essential concepts, oh-so-common musings and much much more. Written by a collective of practicing professionals, this blog is a one-shop-stop for everyone in the industry.

Beginners and non-professional PMs should absolutely check The Introduction to Project Management – a resource central to help you grasp the layering basics.

Girls Guide To PM

While boys are certainly encouraged to visit this blog as well, this resource will likely appeal to the girly geeks and female tech professionals a bit more. Elizabeth covers a wide array of subjects – from PM software tools and strategy, to establishing better collaboration at work and being taken more seriously as a female manager.

Not to miss: the regular series Inspiring Woman in PM, where the industry’s top experts spill out pro secrets and share personal musings.

Simple Programmer

John Sonmez is a prolific blogger, author and software developer vouching for “making complex simple” While his blog started as a personal space for jotting down random thoughts back in 2009, by now it has grown into a massive educational hub both for all-sort of IT geeks, startupers and tech entrepreneurs alike.

If you prefer visuals to words, John also shoots great YouTube videos. Make sure to check the latest one!

The World According to Mitch

Mitch is the type of guy you’d love to invite for a round of beers and some pro chit chat even if you are not the quite outgoing type. Having worked in the IT for a fair decade, Mitch has tons of great professional insights to spill out from the projects he did, especially on Microsoft technologies as a multiple time MVP awardee. A fine blend of personal rants and amazing stories comes as part of the reading experience.

Tecosystems by Stephen O’Grady

Stephen O’Grady is one of the Red Monks co-founders, an industry analyst, book author and the blogger to follow for regular analysis and detailed insights into the world of IT and beyond that. Stephen often covers SaaS subjects, the state and future of open source among the other matters.

Do check out his latest industry predictions for 2016 and take the time to browse through the extended archives

Herding Cats

Can you imagine anything harder than herding cats? Herding people or managing projects, maybe? Hence comes the name of this blog.

Glen Alleman provides an in-depth overview of all the key “whats”, “whys” and “hows” of project management with a core focus on better performance. Browse through the extensive archives or navigate the huge pile of goodies via the tag cloud. New posts are published rather often, so do subscribe to receive updates.

Rands in Repose

Rands in Repose is a place to head for leadership pieces for the web-engineering crowd, a mish-mash of software trends with witty commentary and a great collection of tools recommendations. Michael Lopp, the blogger behind the project, also authored two great books – Managing Humans and Being Geek.

Start from the Don’t Skip This page to traverse through the existing content and topics.

A List Apart

If you are into web development, A List Apart will quickly become your blog central. Written collectively by a dozen of professional this resource covers a great array of topics – from front and backend dev for the web to content strategy, project management and process management, with UX and interaction design having a special sweet spot.


Scott Hanselman’s blog is a vivid mix of coding talks, tech culture trends, empowerment for diversity and occasional tips on hardware and latest gadgets. A curated list of his top posts is available here. Scott has decades of experience with ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud and also runs great selection of podcasts series. Plug-in at least once a week!

Tyner Blain

Scott Sehlhorst has been working as a product manager and product strategist for the past decade with a bunch of big name clients in his portfolio including Hewlett Packard, Zappos, Dell and the likes. Guess, that already says a lot about his expertise and the no-fluff, actionable content you can discover on his blog.

If you have a product idea in mind or in development, do dig through his archives. I doubt you’ll discover better tips anywhere else on the web for free.

CTO/CIO Perspectives

Peter Kretzman has been in the IT industry for a quarter of a century, however that certainly doesn’t mean that his perspectives are not up-to-date. His core experience lies in social networking software, along with working for high volume Internet websites among other projects.

Absolutely start with the most popular post page and don’t miss Peter’s latest perspective on the #NoEstimate trend.

Work Matters by Bob Sutton

Need a fresh perspective on evidence-based project management and tips for becoming a better tech leader? Head to Bob’s blog! Apart from his personal analysis and perspective, he features a curated list of recommended posts to check out, along with snappy book recommendations.

Don’t miss this essay on eliminating the bad practices prior to adopting the good ones, plus this post on being a better CEO and team leader.

Here you have it – a new Feedly list full of great learning materials, curious reads and leading perspectives on the weird and wonderful world of IT.

What blogs do you lead regularly? Who else should be on the list? Share your finds in the comments below!

Written by Romexsoft on March 3, 2016

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